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  1. I believe @Jay was planning to start learning how to read music this year.
  2. He made a piece for that, you know.
  3. Yeah, too bad JW didn't use any of Giacchino's themes.
  4. @Martyprod, may I suggest that as your next project, you could remaster the Star Wars soundtracks.
  5. I'm honoured that you consider me the ultimate reference.
  6. He was past retirement age and therefore not considered sexy anymore.
  7. An intriguing thought, but I was under the impression that Fitzpatrick had more or less retired due to health reasons.
  8. He's lurking just outside the frame in several scenes.
  9. You always like it? This is probably the first time I've heard this combo!
  10. Holko is angry because I called him out for lobbying for snowflake moderation rules.
  11. Well, translated to English that would be Hunt Song, right? You can of course post it but it will be outside of the main competition.
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