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    Paul Klusman got a reaction from Xinau in Need to contact JW for cat video of SW ep IV   
    Hello my name is Paul Klusman I'm known for a series of cat videos on YouTube starting with "An Engineer's Guide to Cats" and others. I'm working on a cat video of Star Wars ep. IV A New Hope and I need to contact Mr. John Williams for permission to use his composition in my video. I'm not using the original theatrical recordings but instead I am singing - "meowing" the melodies and using it as underlying music in my video. I would like to use the exact melodies rather than skewing them as a parody.
    I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a way to contact Mr Williams quickly? The video is nearly done and I'd like to release it on YouTube in a week or so.
    Thanks so much,
    Paul Klusman
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    Paul Klusman got a reaction from Ricard in Need to contact JW for cat video of SW ep IV   
    Unfortunately BMI does not offer synchronization licensing for use in videos, films, games, etc. I tracked down the music publisher as Bantha Music administered by Warner Chappel so I'll contact them.
    Thanks folks!
    It is bizarre. Wait 'till you see it! I should have it online in a week or two so stay tuned!
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