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  1. Thanks for giving it a listen! It's hard for me not to go too edit crazy, especially towards the ends of the movies when the action gets heavier. My first editing project was on the Lord of the Rings films a few years ago and it was in the same format of six 15-minute tracks. I was more hesitant to post those here since they're a little more personal for me. My skills in editing certainly weren't as good back then, and the Lord of the Rings music is more sacred to me (and others) than the Hobbit music. If I completely butchered The Hobbit soundtracks I didn't think anyone would care too much, but if I was able to make them more enjoyable by cutting out some of the parts of white noise then I wanted to share that.
  2. Hello All, Just joined the forums today. I wanted to give a thank you to BloodBoal for all the work he put into the thread, The Hobbit Scores Restored. I was working on a project of editing The Hobbit soundtracks down to 6 15-minute tracks this year and was having one heck of a hard time making sense of the end of An Unexpected Journey. This thread allowed me to frankenstein something together for that part. In early July I started the project and in October I finally finished it. I get the impression that most of the people here are more musically inclined than I am but as a thank you I wanted to share the files I created (if this is illegal somehow don't turn me in please). The goal of these tracks is simply to take my favorite parts from the soundtrack or significant parts from the movies and make a highlight video of sorts, with the challenge being to find fun or interesting ways to get the tracks to flow together without sounding grating. Sometimes I succeeded and I know other times I failed, but it was incredibly fun to work on. I also get the impression that most people are very disappointed by the BOFA soundtrack, and I must say when it's edited down it is my favorite of the three. If you feel like listening to a shorter version of the soundtracks while you do dishes or something, here they are. And again, thanks for the help! (......don't turn me in.......) Edit: Thanks for the input, I knew there was a chance I was doing something shady here. I'm working on creating a youtube channel for the tracks, converting them to video and uploading them, and I'll provide a link when I've found out how to do that. Edit: Here ya go https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpZehxFqivylkRO5og4A03DGew1R9aQNm
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