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  1. Do you have a Lego instead ?
  2. Members who don't respect Ludwig exists ???
  3. I love this piece. There is a part small part reminds me Jerry Goldsmith's The Great Train Robbery. Really enjoyable. I wait a real recording now !
  4. I have to admit that the heroic/action version of Obi's theme during the action scene was frankly not bad. And the soft little music during the final scene (The Last Jedi vibes, in the picture too) I'm waiting for the music edit now!
  5. Sorry for the shit photo, but i'm simply happy to found it at last !
  6. I really enjoy all SW scores composed by aother composers, even Joseph Shirley on BooK of Boba Fett did a good stuff. But this is the first time that I am extremely disappointed. There is nothing, it's generic like all TV shows. The Theme of Obi-Wan by Williams is great, I love it, but it's only on the first episode. A new theme for Leia ? Really ? And Vader too (a brass thing with 2 notes) it's not there have allready 2 of the best thèes of musical film history. I don't understand what's happenning here. Next time, call Stephen Barton and Gordy Haab instead of the last marvel composer in the move...
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