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  1. Nice interpretation! Another JW moment like this that comes to mind is from Last Crusade after Donovan drinks from the wrong cup. That chord from 01:01 to 01:10 is like that nerve-jangly feeling of an adrenaline rush in the aftermath of a nasty fright. Listening to Philosopher's Stone with new ears, it struck me just how varied the many performances of Hedwig's Theme are throughout the film. There are very few, if any, statements that sound identical, the arrangements do something new with the theme each time. The same goes for the rest of the thematic material, to
  2. I really hope the film doesn't end with yet another Force Theme quote. By far one of my biggest disappointments with TLJ.
  3. It's the name of the renaissance-era wind instrument that plays the cue. Edit: Beaten to it!
  4. Oh, interesting! I've only seen the film once so I couldn't remember what exactly was on screen at that point. I'll have to look out for that next time!
  5. It may not be as tight as Raiders, or as fun as Temple, or as emotionally satisfying as Crusade, but I get such a kick out of individual parts of Crystal Skull. The appearance of the flying saucer in The Departure is probably one of my favourite Williams moments. Those bells! But more on topic: can't remember if this has been pointed out yet, but is that a little snippet of 'Luke & Leia' in between the two phrases of the Force theme in Peace and Purpose?
  6. If anyone's interested, I edited the Japanese album cover so it fit better into a square. I love this version of the poster with Rey front and centre.
  7. I was thinking about the famous "I'm flying" scene from Titanic and, in particular, the precise moment where the music reaches its emotional climax. On paper, you might expect the score to swell at the moment Jack and Rose kiss, but it actually reaches its emotional peak a few seconds later when Rose reaches up her hand to hold Jack's head closer. The moment becomes a lot more sensual and somehow more romantic as a result. I realise this is just intelligent, intuitive film scoring, but the timing of these things always fascinates me. (2:09) Another example off
  8. That certainly seems most likely. Still, it's frustrating to consider that we haven't had a Star Wars film finish with anything other than the Force theme since 2002. Even Rogue One did it!
  9. 100% agreed! It was such a disappointing way to round off the film. Felt almost parodic by that point, the number of times the Force theme had been wheeled out. A stirring, optimistic rendering of something like the Resistance march would have been a much more satisfying way to close the story.
  10. It's been a while since I've seen the film, but I'm pretty sure the pipes that come in as Rose jumps off the lifeboat are a totally different performance (possibly even a different instrument) in the film and on the album.
  11. I'm curious to know whether the track 'Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave' will feature the film or the album performance? Doesn't look like there's an alternate of any kind on disc 3, so it's surely one or the other?
  12. No love for Visitor In San Diego? Those final two minutes are incredible.
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