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  1. Yeah sorry that's really just my turn of phrase - I don't mean to suggest they didn't plan it, just that it is a development of the character that is not in line with how he was initially represented. I got spoiled on this death (not from here) so haven't actually seen the episode yet! Will watch it tonight and make my assessment on whether this is a terrible or interesting development.......
  2. I am one of those people and I must say this comment made me laugh! There is a certain level of self-loathing involved in being a Star Trek music completist...
  3. I never spend any time trying to understand the nuances or continuity of the X-Men films. It will only lead to disappointment and irreconcilable issues. It is a film franchise in dire need of a massive reboot. I have zero enthusiasm for anything connected to it right now. Except Legion, but that doesn't count. And it's made by Noah Hawley, who is quite possibly a genius.
  4. Yeah I think Singer is finally gone from X-Men for good. Which might help the franchise finally move away from his towering mediocrity...
  5. My guess is Zimmer will be working with someone else on this and largely just put his name to it.
  6. Would love to read anybody's review of this if/when they have it. I can't afford it yet either!
  7. Look, if they go a more nuanced direction, I am all for it. I just got a sense from that episode that they were going to move him that way.
  8. It is a very strange choice to me, to make the only truly interesting/dynamic character that has caught on with fans (even those who dislike Discovery) into an all-out villain. Captain Burnham is not going to be particularly interesting if that's what we get. I hope that Lorca is able to have some kind of good arc from here but I fear the dynamic they've set up with him supposedly 'grooming' Burnham means they want to take it to a darker place, leaving them with little option but to kill him off at the end of season. I did enjoy Michelle Yeoh's portrayal of the Emperor in this epis
  9. 1. The Last Jedi (it may not be my favourite SW score but my appreciation for this has increased hugely over many re-listens; it certainly beats The Post) 2. Phantom Thread (I love small ensemble scores like this and it's got a darkly beautiful edge to it) 3. Dunkirk (not great for listening independently but absolutely perfect within the film) 4. The Shape of Water (nice, but nothing I haven't heard Desplat do better in the past) 5. Three Billboards (nothing very special about this, even though I generally like Burwell)
  10. Tahani! She is stunning - and the show is really, really good.
  11. I can't get enough of this score! I watched the movie just because I loved the score so much (and hey, the movie was pretty awesome in the most quintessentially 80s way too!)
  12. This piece always brings a smile and I like how much fun she's having.
  13. Homecoming is definitely worth listening to in full, but so is Doctor Strange in my opinion. The other all-round great score is Thor: Ragnarok and I could take or leave the rest as full scores.
  14. he can put more energy in a piece of music than a roomful of EDM fuckers Golden quote!!
  15. Yeah of all the problems with TLJ, I don't find this anywhere near the worst. Maybe the visuals don't come off quite right, fine, but I don't think there's any problem with Leia having an instinctual response of survival through her latent connection with the Force. If anything the problem was in TFA, that Leia wasn't established as being a Force-user (which was heavily implied to be her path in ROTJ).
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