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  1. Of course, you will have to drink the blood of John Williams.
  2. What is that my fellow boi? This means war.
  3. As THE GREATER BOIS, we are creating a faith of the one, the only, John Williams. If you would like to join our religion, please comment below saying why you are worthy to be one of us. We will then reply saying whether you are successful or not.
  4. Leave your Instagram accounts below and we’ll have an EPIC JOHN WILLIAMS GROUP CHAT
  5. I listen to it in the bath every morning while procrastinating.
  6. How do you show your appreciation for John Williams? I show my appreciation when the sky is chiming with MEMES and the death star of JOHN WILLIAMS is hanging over me
  7. What's your favourite thing about John Williams? My favourite thing is that he is the GREATER BOI and my lord and savior
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