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  1. 1 minute ago, Josh500 said:

    If nobody had mentioned the issue with the cut-off frequencies, I certainly wouldn't have noticed anything. I don't think it's something you'd normally be able to pick up anyway, at least not just by listening to it. I'm actually perfectly happy and satisfied with this set, while still going through all 8 hours of music, in speechless awe of John Williams's unmatched talent and productivity....



    Don't forget William Ross.

  2. 10 minutes ago, crumbs said:


    This makes complete sense. I know the score is filled with unconventional scoring decisions (that work brilliantly!) but pizzicato strings underscoring an intense werewolf chase through a forest does stick out as a little... "bold." 😎


    Even choosing a string overlay to beef it up seems a restrained addition, so he must have really liked his original idea (he saw fit to include it on the OST after all).


    Haven't gotten to that track, is the Grievous-esque percussion there?


    8 minutes ago, Bespin said:

    I ask for replacement CDs.


    Have you reached out to LLL?

  3. 2 minutes ago, publicist said:


    I know but this usually is nuisance work. The boot sounded great to begin with, so why bother. I already have planned for some off day during christmas break to edit and splice all this stuff in Audition, as there is a lot of heavy editing necessary to make this *musically* listenable. I know MM did his best but this awful completeness craze now means having to edit tons of cues that connect good material with filler stuff. And it is a lot of material. Though with balletic material like this it's usually fun to create your own edits.


    Personally I enjoy editing music like that, though I use Logic Pro for it.

  4. 1 minute ago, Richard Penna said:


    I still think large parts of it are a copy and paste job, particularly the Quidditch, Second Year. However, generally the recycled cues do fit in well, and the original material absolutely rocks. The flying car, aragog and basilisk duel cues have always felt like minor classic JW set pieces.


    And JW has saved me having to listen to AotC to hear that amazing Chase Through Coruscant music!


    PoA is the real revelation for me. I'd largely written off the Buckbeak rescue and time travel cues. Something has changed since receiving the box - it might simply be the removal of JW's idiotic album arranging and the restoration of some key sequences that makes the whole thing more interesting.


    For me, CoS expands a pretty good OST into a fully rounded score, while PS and PoA really transform their scores by fixing ver dodgy albums.


    This was probably answered before, but which track sounds like Chase Through Coruscant

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