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  1. 30 minutes ago, Nick Parker said:


    Essentially the way you see it above in the excerpt Jay posted: Williams will use words in the score like "Ethereal voices", and from there I believe whoever is the keyboardist--usually Randy Kerber--probably tinkers with sounds trying to imagine how to get the timbre Williams wants. This is what the process has been for me when I've had to program synth patches for music.


    4 hours ago, Jay said:


    It's a synth patch Randy Kerber is playing on his keyboard




    This one was clearly called "Ghostly Wind Effect".

  2. 3 minutes ago, Holko said:

    They wanted to cut this boat sequence down, but didn't have the heart to shorten the score. But apparently they just had to add that one fucking second that required a loop.

    God that's a lazy and horrendous edit. Can't wait to do proper recreations of these tracked cues!


    Oh yeah it's terrible. I'm not defending it. I'm just asking about the instrument that plays that weird melody.

  3. 3 hours ago, Josh500 said:

    Okay, my status is still "Awaiting Fulfillment"...

    There has to be a logical reason why, at this point, some of us still have "Awaiting Fulfillment" while others already have "Awaiting Shipment"! 


    I think it's the difference between having the album sent on December 7th, or at some point later. After all, LLL must know how many albums they're getting with the first batch (maybe 500? Or even 1,000?)... They already know who's getting the albums sent on day one, and who have to wait a bit longer! :(


    Remember, somebody (I forgot who) on this forum said that they got one of their orders before the status changed and it still says "awaiting fulfillment/awaiting shipment" to this day. There's no rhyme or reason to it.

  4. Just now, The Illustrious Jerry said:

    I'm not an editor really, but I've given my shot at mixing music. I tried using the FYC and OST to make a chronological edit for The Force Awakens, but I wanted to do it without having tonnes of small cues, so I did a lot of blending. It's a a lot of fun, and I admire people who do that professionally. It's not easy, I know.



    it may not be easy, but it sure is fun. I also love putting in unused cues. My personal favorite was hearing the original "Trapped on D Deck" in context. I can see why they did all that tracking.

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