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  1. I consider that music worse than The Post and that score was not nominated. Maybe I'm wrong. I'll wait for For Your Consideration score.
  2. He conducts the orchestra like a 90-year-old man...Oh wait.
  3. More memorable than Obi-Wan. Cool
  4. There is a documentary with cartoon John Williams on the poster. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13660266/?ref_=tt_mv_desc
  5. Williams music for The BFG is sissy and annoying... but I asked about the author of the music for the teaser. I would like to crown him as new Maestro of the Movies.
  6. Of course! I'm still curious who composed the music for The BFG teaser. That Theme is much better than what we got in the movie.
  7. Even The BFG has beautiful music...but it's autopilot. This means nothing.
  8. Some guy named Hans Zimmer also has a star on the Walk of Fame. Do you know him?
  9. He's 90 years old and his forgetfulness is perhaps the beginning of something worse.
  10. This case is a bit complicated. Across the Stars come from Hook Theme. It's fun to imagine that Williams is a player of The Elder Scrolls...or maybe Spielberg. You know, Williams came to Spielberg's house to visit him and Steven is playing the game. We all had friends who wouldn't let us play, just to watch. So Johnny looks over Steven's shoulder and thinks: „This tune is awesome. Maybe I could "borrow it" sometime. To reassure people in the new millennium that I'm still a genius.“ (Devilish laugh)
  11. He probably does not consult with anyone about what he will say before the performance. He improvises, which is remarkable at his age. Someone should mention to him these details.
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