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  1. It's my dream to spend the night with Williams and a bunch of hookers.
  2. What all health problems does John Williams have? Must have a medical check-up before every new job? Do the producers want to know what his health status is before he starts a new job? It makes sense to me at his age.
  3. It's just a joke, but if William Shatner can go to space, so can John Williams too.
  4. He with his work have spent more time in space than any astronaut...metaphorically speaking. Well deserved.
  5. I don't think Indy will have any new relationship with a woman (Marion will probably die) So there will be no Love Theme. Rather, he will deepen the relationship with his daughter (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) from another mother. I'm expecting a new theme for 1. Female character. 2. Villain 3. MacGuffin(s) 4. Chase or Escape Music 5. Second sidekick...maybe I definitely don't want fan service in music. That was a cheap trick by the music editor in The Rise of Skywalker.
  6. When a guy has the nickname Dick Baby, it's better than if he had the nickname Baby Dick. Probably Williams gives to the people jazzy names all the time.
  7. Williams working for Marvel? That's actually not a bad idea. Marvel missed an opportunity for a catchy theme for every single superhero. What a miserable situation contemporary Hollywood is in when there is no emphasis on such things? Many composers have worked for Marvel, but I only remember the work of Doyle, Silvestri and Giacchino. Marvel's Music Department needs some direction.
  8. I would bet that the beginning came from Jurassic Park: Island Fanfare.
  9. Williams turned down X-Men (2000) because of scheduling conflicts with The Patriot (2000). Is it true?
  10. The song is alright. The film deserves all the Raspberries in the world
  11. I don't like to say it, but I like "Yes, Giorgio"
  12. Pity. When JW had speech at the George Lucas AFI Life Achievement Award, he joked that he would compose an opera. Is it his only fail in his perfect career?
  13. I meant it in general that he was making fun, not in conjunction with Mulan
  14. Am I Beautiful...probably the most catchy song from the musical. Songwriting is definitely not Williams' field of activity, but he did it pretty well when he had that opportunity. I personally like the song For Always.
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