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  1. Unfortunately, there still are cues missing, which I hope will be included in a future Deluxe version of The Hidden World... Especially this one:
  2. OMG that makes me so happy! I just bought the first Omni score!
  3. I read in the IMDb trivia that at first it was supposed to be a show! But then they changed it for a movie. So you weren't that wrong haha!
  4. I don't know when the movie is supposed to come out exactly, but isn't it strange that they're already recording the music if it comes out in 2022? EDIT: Oh, I just thought, maybe they can do it earlier in the process with animated movies, as the composer can compose the music with the basic, not finished animation.
  5. Confirmation? I'll be curious to hear the result! Never really heard Batu's music…
  6. Batu Sener is like the luckiest person on earth Being the assistant of John Powell for so many years
  7. What is Thanos' theme? Would have been great to have a video with it.
  8. Right. I just love the eclectic and intense mix of different energetic rhythms with odd and changing time signatures. And the fact that it always has some type of melodic line although you would think this kind of music wouldn't have any. And then at 4:00 onwards it gets so emotional and makes the scene in the movie so powerful and epic (it's still rushing and fast-paced, but the music suddenly isn't… Makes an awesome contrast).
  9. I think "Sewer Attack" from Mockingjay Part 2 is my favourite action cue ever
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