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  1. I was watching The Phantom Menace yesterday (although it's my least favourite, I'm doing a Star Wars Marathon) And I was surprised to hear something that sound very similar to Kylo Ren's theme to my ears: At 0:10
  2. What do you guys think of this album? Being a huge fan of James Newton Howard (who composed for the first movie), I was disappointed when I heard he wouldn't be returning for the second. Especially since Maleficent is one of my favourites of his. I must say though, the soundtrack Zanelli wrote isn't bad at all! It feels like a genuine continuity to the first one, although I feel like JNH would have done an even better job
  3. Oh no! I was looking for a thread about it before posting mine but didn't find one. Sorry about that.
  4. Oh wow! Probably the most soft and beautiful rendition of Dies irae I've heard haha
  5. Could you find it on YouTube with a timecode? I'd like to hear it
  6. Hello everyone! After watching this video from Vox: I felt inspired to make a thread about the many Dies Irae uses in movies. It has always been something I enjoy spotting in soundtracks. This guy already started a list on this other video: In this last video, we can read about three different types of the motive. Type 1 Full statement Not only the first notes, but the full theme of the original Dies irae chant. Type 2 Stinger Probably the most common one. It represents most of the time the four first notes of the Dies irae original chant. Type 3 Ostinato Often provides a certain energy and intensity to a scene. It is rarely foregrounded in the mix, and the four notes are sometimes inverted. So if you think of any other uses of Dies irae in movies or tv shows, please add them to this thread. (I'm sure you will, there are so many!) And if you can, write down which type you think it belongs to. Or maybe you can think of another type that doesn't fit with those three?
  7. Oh! Sorry for the late response. Yes I actually did go to that concert too! And I'm not sure they performed the pieces in chronological order. Plus, it was only a selection of some of the best music from the film. It was really good though. But keep in mind that the OVMF is a harmonic orchestra, so no strings. The conductor who also arranges all the pieces for his orchestra does a really good job at making it sound really good even without the strings. Don't hesitate if you have any further questions :p I'll try to come look on the forum more often. (Especially since The Rise of Skywalker is getting closer!)
  8. THIS rendition of the Force Theme! (at 4:43)
  9. I kind of wish it was a different rendition of the theme, not the exact Hedwig's Theme...
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