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  1. Makes me think of Hedwig’s Theme at 0:15! Funny that it is with the same director that a decade later, John Williams would work on Harry Potter.
  2. It did that to me too, but now it's fine, I had to remove the album and re-add it to my library though.
  3. Usually, they are available on Apple Music, but Episode 4 is not I wonder if it'll come later today or what. I hope they didn't just stop putting them on Apple Music.
  4. I was watching The Phantom Menace yesterday (although it's my least favourite, I'm doing a Star Wars Marathon) And I was surprised to hear something that sound very similar to Kylo Ren's theme to my ears: At 0:10
  5. What do you guys think of this album? Being a huge fan of James Newton Howard (who composed for the first movie), I was disappointed when I heard he wouldn't be returning for the second. Especially since Maleficent is one of my favourites of his. I must say though, the soundtrack Zanelli wrote isn't bad at all! It feels like a genuine continuity to the first one, although I feel like JNH would have done an even better job
  6. Oh no! I was looking for a thread about it before posting mine but didn't find one. Sorry about that.
  7. Oh wow! Probably the most soft and beautiful rendition of Dies irae I've heard haha
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