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  1. Oh! John seems to have been assigned a new project! haha https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4779206/ Edit: oh no nevermind, it seems the credit disappeared… weird. Edit #2: "This is the sixth Blue Sky Studios film not to have its music composed by John Powell, after Ice Age (2002), Epic (2013), The Peanuts Movie (2015), Ice Age: Collision Course(2016), and Spies in Disguise (2019). In this case, John Wozniak will be the composer for this movie." So it seems a mistake was done on IMDb for a short amount of time and then they corrected it.
  2. I see! Thank you so much! I'm eager to watch it!
  3. How did you know about this? There doesn't seem to be a live announcement on his channel?
  4. Anyone has an idea of what he will be working on next? It seems like he doesn't have anything announced yet… I just recently found his music and I love it! I'm sad there isn't anything new coming soon haha
  5. I just wanted to say that the first couple of times I listened to the score to Solo, I really didn't like it. I wasn't accustomed to the style of John Powell, never really listened to his music beforehand. But since it came out, it actually is now one of the Star Wars scores I enjoy listening to the most! I absolutely LOVE the frenetic energy of it! With all the percussions and sharp brass and fast tempos. Can't wait to watch How to Train Your Dragon, as it will give me more Powell music to listen to!
  6. Nice! At least this one doesn't see to have the weird tone problem
  7. Interesting to hear all the openings start at the same time and see that they all become different very fast. Now, why do I feel like one is completely out of tune?
  8. Can we expect to get a full score one day? I think for the Last Jedi we were lucky to get a version of the movie with only the music. If this doesn't happen with TROS, is there still hope to get a complete album?
  9. Makes me think of Hedwig’s Theme at 0:15! Funny that it is with the same director that a decade later, John Williams would work on Harry Potter.
  10. It did that to me too, but now it's fine, I had to remove the album and re-add it to my library though.
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