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  1. Haven't heard it and I don't feel like watching the movie as it seems like a waste of time Maybe I could try and find a scene that Powell scored on YouTube Edit: I tried and couldn't find any 🙁 Next step: scroll through the movie until I hear a scene that has Powell music
  2. I started writing pretty much the same comment, and then I saw yours haha. I mean, it could be interesting nonetheless, but I really ain't a fan of Powell's more "serious-adult-like" scores such as the actions ones like Bourne or the romantic comedies like P.S. I Love You, etc. 😕 At least this one seems more intense and original with those voices and scary effects and synths. But I really can't wait for his return to fantastical or animated movie style
  3. He indeed said in an (or more than one) interview that he only wanted to concentrate on one film per year from now on. And that's if we can even consider Locked Down as a project worth mentioning
  4. Anyone has an idea which film it could be? https://www.instagram.com/p/CYZwP0DBhuQ/
  5. Yeah I watched the movie for the first time last week and wasn't really impressed. Other than the score of course, that I had been listening to for years. Isn't it the case with most of Powell's scores though? Which is a reason why I love them so much haha For example here: I feel like it doesn't fit the scene very well, which is probably why it's buried under the sound effects. But damn is it so good to listen to on its own!!! It's not even the same version at all. I guess the album version was really way too overpowering haha
  6. Speaking of Powell, recently I've been enjoying his score for Pan so much! I think it's slowly becoming one of my favourite scores of his.
  7. And imagine it turns out that it wasn't even Powell but Sener
  8. What's this? Can anyone get access to those informations?
  9. Maybe not 50-50, but Batu definitely assimilated Powell's style over the years as his assistant! Which is a very good thing for us because that means more music in the style of Powell in the years to come!
  10. Unfortunately, there still are cues missing, which I hope will be included in a future Deluxe version of The Hidden World... Especially this one:
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