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  1. It says they have "0 available" when I try to buy. That can't possibly be true, right? It's only been two hours
  2. I actually hate this post JUST for the "Isolated Scores" part, since that's all I saw before clicking
  3. And is it just me or did they never actually acknowledge the fact that all of humanity was wiped out during the previous 2-part finale and it was never fixed?
  4. Here it is copy/pasted: 1415239302_MoviesTV2020-11-2521-30-41.mp4
  5. I just assumed it was my disk drive which is not excellent. But could be, that doesn't usually happen. It did work eventually!
  6. I did have to re-rip the last couple tracks, some of them multiple times, before it would stop skipping. But it eventually worked fine, and works in my car too.
  7. Red Planet (it just has everything) The Ferry Scene Epilogue
  8. Agreed. Call me old-fashioned but CDs are practically the only thing I listen to in my car. It's also the best way to memorize an album.
  9. I seem to remember it being fairly continuous from Mine Mission through Into the Maw-ish.
  10. I think it depends on where they are in transitioning, but the thing in question is that also applies to trans men (and nonbinary if you want to get technical) Basically instead of trying to focus on that, the article just said "people" and jkr went out of her way to say "uhhhh it's women" and now here we are Edit: just to jump on the bandwagon on discrediting her after the series ended - people can take or leave the things she says, but I see no obligation to consider it canon that Cedric would have become a death eater and Voldemort had a daughter (cursed child) all
  11. It wouldn't. But ultimately her tweet was so unnecessary. Just like all her other ones. Cancel culture's the worst but man, I stopped listening to her a long time ago - HP's in the hands of the fandom now
  12. Someone had posted among all that wondering how he'd be interviewed while it's a pandemic. Isn't it a phone interview?
  13. I have collected some papers and interviews about Memoirs of a Geisha specifically, doing some writing for musicology classes, and a bit about Raiders too. This was especially coming from the standpoint of studying exoticism. Probably all material that you would already have, but let me know if that info would be useful. Also, this sounds amazing!
  14. I'm not sure, because the cases in Ohio so far are in Cleveland and Case Western Reserve is closed. I think they'd wait until closer to the date to say for sure though. Everything has been last minute here.
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