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  1. "Alone, yet not alone" is actually the sequel to Home Alone. Adapted and conducted by William Ross
  2. Yes. We just need a source to vent our frustrations while biding our time until the box sets arrive. 😆
  3. William Ross is actually the reason John Williams didn't score 4-8 confirmed
  4. Is there a way we can go back and listen to the whole thing if, say, we just woke up?
  5. Technically according to my computer I ordered at 11:58 and got the confirmation at 11:59...
  6. Well, now you can hear it at 1:00 of "The Library and Transformation Class" sample from CoS
  7. I was 166749. I believe I was one of the very first to order. I was able to get it practically the second it came on
  8. Yes, but I need to figure out when they'll start mailing to know if I'll receive it before December 13th or if I have to specify a different address when ordering on the 27th.
  9. Sorry if this has been discussed already but does anyone know/have speculations about when this will ship?
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