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    Molly Weasley reacted to Jay in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    I think Mike prefers doing audio discussions with Maurizio or other podcasters now, over written interviews.  Maybe some day that will change
    I should finish my HP3 spreadsheet, I made good progress a while back then never finished.
    The only request JW had was to put the version of Harry's Wondrous World with concert ending (recorded during HP2) in the Children's Suite instead of the HP1 recording.  He also requested the concert ending of Diagon Alley, but we verified it was never recorded at the HP1 (or HP2) sessions.
    The programming decisions were 100% Mike.  He made the albums he thought best represented the music, I listened to them and gave comments, and he sent them to JW to approve them.

    We never discussed 3CD versions of HP2 or HP3 because it wasn't an option
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    Molly Weasley reacted to Jay in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    Since I helped Mike a bit on this set, I think I can safely say the primary goal was presenting the maestro's scores in the best possible way: To craft albums you can put on and press play and experience everything the score has to offer.  It was a secondary goal to include every last scrap of music recorded and finding a home for it, or adhering to strict chronology for every single cue.
    A lot of discussion happens on forums like this specifically about some tiny missing moment or how to re-jigger or re-edit what was released to a different order or presentation, but overall in the grand scheme of the whole world, most people are just playing the albums as they are, and the composer, studio, and label are all happy with how it came out.
    And yea, John Williams sure knocked the ball out of the park three times in a row here.  I never get tired of re-entering this world.
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    Molly Weasley reacted to TownerFan in Rare Angela Morley interview (video)   
    Very interesting. She talks also about working with JW (around 36:00) and what an orchestrator does for him. From around 45:00 to 47:00 she talks about arranging source cues for Home Alone and Schindler's List.
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    Molly Weasley reacted to crocodile in The Rise of Skywalker - COMPLETE SCORE Discussion - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    I love the final statement in the scene where they reunite. Both victory and friendship themes have this fairy tale ending feel that give this score a sense of finality. Something that Return of the Jedi never really gave us.
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    Molly Weasley reacted to mrbellamy in The Rise of Skywalker - COMPLETE SCORE Discussion - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    Anyone who thinks Rian Johnson is anything less than a John Williams fanboy isn't paying attention or reading many interviews. Or just has a bone to pick with the guy.
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    Molly Weasley reacted to mstrox in The Rise of Skywalker - COMPLETE SCORE Discussion - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    I've never heard Johnson say an ill word about Williams.  I just view the TLJ scoring style as Johnson having faith in John Williams. 
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    Molly Weasley reacted to who cares in The "(Fill in the Blank) Has Died" Thread   
    Aww jeez. 
    Seriously bummed. 
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    Molly Weasley reacted to Film Fest Ghent in Vote on the World Soundtrack Public Choice Award   
    What's the best film score of the past 12 months? Cast your vote now for the World Soundtrack Public Choice Award.   You have until 31 July 2020 to vote for your favourite score.   To vote, go to: https://www.wsavoting.com/en/publicchoice (Don't forget to confirm your vote via the e-mail you will receive.)   The shortlist has been curated by the IFMCA. The nominees will be announced mid-September, and the winner at the World Soundtrack Awards on 24 October 2020 via livestream.  
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    Molly Weasley reacted to Richard Penna in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    That's harsh; however I don't like the reasoning of 'oh, the sound guys did that' as a reason why we don't need to hear something.
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    Molly Weasley reacted to Falstaft in John Williams Plagiarizing Himself   
    Just the tip of the iceberg, @Alex 
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    Molly Weasley reacted to Holko in J.K. Rowling Just Posted A New Harry Potter Short Story   
    Evanna Lynch's answer on Twitter, while still disagreeing with her, at least derided this stupid cancel culture and the cancer that is social media, too.
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    Molly Weasley reacted to TSMefford in J.K. Rowling Just Posted A New Harry Potter Short Story   
    Not gonna happen. Neither A or B. JKR, WB, and the Fantastic Beasts series will be just fine. The only thing that could kill the film series, honestly, is if the next one is also not good and falls even further at the box office. $$$
    This is a common reaction / ridicule to trans people. I don't necessarily feel malice towards anyone here for this kind of reaction, especially since I am not trans, and like I said, I don't understand the mindset fully. I'm not trans, nor do I consider myself very knowledgeable on the topic by any means, but as far as I'm aware that's not really how it works for most. For most it's a feeling that they've had their whole lives and never really knew what it was or how to describe it. I know someone who has felt this way all along, but never really knew what it was until they were older and did some research.
    It seems quite a few members here don't really get what it is exactly and I'll admit that I don't fully get it either and I may not ever get it. It's quite a tough concept for my brain to comprehend or unravel, but so are a lot of things that absolutely do exist. But seeing how a few close to me deal with it, it's certainly a thing and something quite important to them. And I mean, as far as science and biology goes, we discover new things about science everyday. At one point people believed the Earth the center of the Universe and I highly doubt that we have uncovered all the secrets of the human body or brain yet. So, whose to say there isn't a fully fleshed out scientific reasoning for it and we just don't fully understand it yet?
    Things change, things progress, and no one ever really likes it or understands it near the beginning.
    And here I am, still responding to this topic after swearing it off and I'm still basically saying the same things over and over again. 
    For this point, the surgery is not something that is the end all, be all for all trans people. Not everyone does it as it is a very difficult process contrary to what Rowling seems to think. You cannot simply say that you want this surgery and it will happen. There's huge amount of cost, waiting lists, gate-keeping, etc. And some trans people are content with never doing the surgery. Sometimes it's about feeling more comfortable in the body you have than changing it as far as I'm aware.
    Okay, now I really need to be done with this. I'm not out to change minds. Just to present another perspective as I've experienced these things in my personal life. I think we all have our minds made up on the matter. 
    EDIT: Fixing numerous typos. I'm not fit to make super long posts like this.
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    Molly Weasley reacted to Smeltington in J.K. Rowling Just Posted A New Harry Potter Short Story   
    No matter what anyone says about JKR, now or in the future, I have these on my shelf:
    7 Harry Potter books
    8 Harry Potter movies
    3 Harry Potter JW OSTs
    and the Harry Potter John Williams collection.
    And they're not going anywhere. Feels good man!
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    Molly Weasley reacted to TSMefford in J.K. Rowling Just Posted A New Harry Potter Short Story   
    I don't necessarily think she's a monster, but I think it's humorous again to see her preach acceptance when again, her remarks specifically around trans people don't quite seem to paint that picture.
    I found this response to her essay insightful personally:
    EDIT: Just want to clarify. I don't think JKR deserves the abuse she's been getting online.
    I can agree with that.
  16. Haha
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    Molly Weasley reacted to Disco Stu in J.K. Rowling Just Posted A New Harry Potter Short Story   
    As far as I'm aware, and please point me in the right direction if this is wrong, the only people who menstruate are people who have ovaries or were at least born with female reproductive systems.    So the answer to @bollemanneke's question ("do trans women menstruate?")  is no.
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    Molly Weasley reacted to TSMefford in J.K. Rowling Just Posted A New Harry Potter Short Story   
    I will point out a quote from that same post:
    I have had a lot of discussion on these things with someone I know who is trans and my post mirrors what I have been told the feeling is from not just them but others as well.
    That being said, I can not and will not attempt to explain in more detail things that I myself do not fully understand. It's not my place and I risk doing it poorly and inaccurately until I've educated myself more on the subject to be able to speak on it in more detail. A mindset that I feel like JKR could use a bit of, from what I understand.
    I'm merely doing my best to support my friends and have said about as much as I know on the subject. 
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    Molly Weasley reacted to p0llux in Don Davis - The Matrix Symphony (2019)   
    Don Davis' The Matrix Symphony is best described in this link. I am a big fan of the musical universe Don Davis created for the trilogy and I was pretty excited to know such a "symphony" exists. However, the abysmal performance from the Tenerife Film Orchestra left me no choice but to replace the whole thing with cues from the original soundtrack. The result is the same arrangement with a superior orchestral performance.
    Movement I: The Matrix
    Movement II: The Matrix Reloaded
    Movement III: The Matrix Revolutions
    The original Spotify album release: (Warning: Sub-par orchestral performance)
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    Molly Weasley reacted to mrbellamy in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 5-film series   
    I will still see the new Beasts movies because I’m just curious about wizardy things from Rowling even if it sucks, but I don’t think it’s worth parsing what does and doesn’t negatively affect the canon itself anymore. I did used to enjoy the trivia from interviews and things because they were at least consistent but now I only really take her as an authority on what went into the actual creation of the books at the time. I’ll peek at whatever else but expect to ignore it in the long run.
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    Molly Weasley reacted to TSMefford in J.K. Rowling Just Posted A New Harry Potter Short Story   
    Sure. It's "allowed", but I don't think anyone (or at least I haven't seen anyone) is disputing that she can say these things. It's more about that people used to expect better of her to not have, again in my view, these arrogant and hypocritical opinions. She can say them, but no one should be surprised that a person gets backlash for saying what she does or any of the other categories of speech you listed. A lot of people in society (myself included) have deemed that stuff is not okay.
    Again, she should be allowed to say the stuff, learn why it's not okay, and hopefully improve without her getting "cancelled". 
    But that's my two cents. I don't really plan on further participating in this discussion (as I seem to be in the minority in the thread for not being okay with her tweets), but thought I'd throw my perspective in. I'll be back when we're more out of the political realm.
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    Molly Weasley reacted to TSMefford in J.K. Rowling Just Posted A New Harry Potter Short Story   
    I really try to avoid when these threads tend to address this sort of stuff, but I'll just through in my two cents. For the hell of it.
    In my view, the tweets are absolutely transphobic. Especially if you consider things she has said as recently as December or so, it's not hard to read between the lines and tell what it is that she means by what she's saying. Now of course, I say this as someone who is nowhere close to being trans and someone who doesn't fully understand being trans, but from what I know about it, from experiences with people close to me who are trans, I can understand why the tweets would be causing some backlash. I can also understand people jokingly pretending she doesn't exist, since she is more seriously pretending that trans people aren't real either. Again, this is based on my admittedly extremely limited experience and knowledge, that I am actively working to expand on.
    JKR is also coming across as quite hypocritical considering the themes she writes about. She refuses to look past her preconceived notions about a topic and open her mind to other possibilities. 
    All that being said. I don't think she should be "cancelled". We have to be willing to allow people to learn from their mistakes and grow or no one will ever have motivation to want to be better people. If you get cancelled regardless, they might as well continue being how they are.
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    Molly Weasley reacted to Alex in J.K. Rowling Just Posted A New Harry Potter Short Story   
    I think an Asian person pointed out that Cho Chang is meant to be of Chinese origin, but both those names are Korean surnames. Also the only Asian character was sorted into Ravenclaw... the nerdy house haha.
    To be fair, I think that’s a valid complaint, although I’m sure it’s just down to JK just simply not knowing much about Asian names, rather than any deliberate racism.

    Also, I realise JK can write and do what she wants - it’s her creation. But the books meant something to me, they were my childhood. Her constant retconning and rewriting of her own stuff and adding little bits to it every now and then bother me. 
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    Molly Weasley reacted to Alex in J.K. Rowling Just Posted A New Harry Potter Short Story   
    The top comment on this Reddit post sums it up the best I think. It’s a pretty unbiased view of the situation.
    Personally, I find her tweets about trans people eyeroll-worthy rather than egregiously offensive. But, then again, I’m not trans and have no idea what it’s like. I guess it might be hurtful for a trans person to see someone as influential as her tweeting stuff that can be perceived as attacking them. She does have a history of tweeting stuff that’s clumsily worded at best, and outright transphobic at worst. She did kind of suggest in a tweet than trans people weren’t oppressed, which to me is pretty ignorant.
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    Molly Weasley got a reaction from Edmilson in J.K. Rowling Just Posted A New Harry Potter Short Story   
    It wouldn't. But ultimately her tweet was so unnecessary. Just like all her other ones. Cancel culture's the worst but man, I stopped listening to her a long time ago - HP's in the hands of the fandom now
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