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  1. Agree, the start maybe not but the latter half I’m almost certain. If so sounds different to what we’ve had from the last two films. More frantic and fraught.
  2. https://youtu.be/9E4yxmserwg This feels totally different to the stock before, sounds like we have a look at an action cue? Could be wrong!
  3. Quick one, luckily managed to score choir seats. Anyone had an experience sitting here previously? Just wondering if the placement is in any way inferior to that of the front facing seats?
  4. If I had 2 rather than one I would've gladly helped you out, least you're going ey, will be incredible.
  5. That is odd, I bought one at 10 and went back at 10:01 and put me in a queue behind 2 others. Assuming they bought it as it kicked me out.
  6. Long shot but is anyone selling 1 ticket? I live round the corner and having never seen JW in concert or likely to ever again, so desperate to get a ticket. Forever and a day, Bork
  7. ‘As the FIRST ORDER prepares their assault the REBELS leap into defensive positions! TRENCH SOLDIER Huh what's that crazy red stuff on the ground. (tastes) Salt. Pwuh! Hey what's that? (licks small lizard) Yecch. Can't feel my tongue. Oh I wonder what this is. (eats fungus off trench wall) Mmmm-MMMM!! (dies)’
  8. Definitely Luke and Leia, I mean surely they’ll have their moment? ( Ive avoided any plot spoilers ) Cant help but feel like they’ll be some unexpected callbacks, maybe an action theme like Hoth or asteroid field?
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