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  1. I completely agree, series 5 is among is best work. Although for me Series 4, 7 and 9 are up there too. 7 and 4 have probably the best albums, almost every single track is a banger, and series 9 is pretty cool but then you reach Heaven Sent and it's just one of the best soundtrack ever composed period.
  2. Gold returning is such good news. He was the soul of New Who for me, it wasn't the same when he left. I think he's one of the best composer out there, his work is outstanding! He just did in interview for the Doctor Who Magazine where he confirms that "The Doctor's theme" and "Donna's theme" will come back as well as Series 10 being released! Although no date on that yet. Here is the interview (You can open image in new tab to be able to zoom in, I don't have another format)
  3. Honestly it was. That made me quit the show at episode 1 because I couldn't bear listening to a discounted Williams. I eventually powered through but man the Rebels soundtrack is probably my least favorite score out of all the Star Wars content. It's on par with the EPIC VERSION or SLOWED AND REVERBED you see on youtube that butcher the OG tracks.
  4. Not a fan of Kim but yes this is a straight up rip off of Samuel Kim. The structure of the track is exactly the same with the same leitmotivs played at the same time (even the incorrect ones like the fake Boba theme from ESB)
  5. No you are correct. They took the track called "Rogue One" instead. Given the name they must have thought it was the main theme, but it isn't. Seems like a weird mistake to make, don't they study the scores they're adapting?
  6. Yeah it's a shame because the concept itself is quite brilliant. And it's not a jab at anyone that likes those movies, to each their own. But Disney is gross and it's buying more and more company it's actually scary. Even Alien is Disney now lol. I'm myself in a similar industry and every time we have to deal with Disney it's an unpleasant experience. I feel this is kind of off topic though. The point is that Andor is awesome
  7. Except objectivity doesn't apply to art, and if it did the prequels would be objectively good. They're masterpieces. It's all a matter of opinions in the end. But I find it funny that so many people are hell bent in taking down those movies and Lucas to the point it became an obsession but the dude is just an independent artist making movies he enjoys. I feel like even if people despise the art, they should encourage those types of projects instead of big corpos movies. Yet some people swallow Disney's products (not just Star Wars), a company that treats its people like objects and is doing harm to the industry and the world.
  8. Or you know, everyone has different opinions and some people genuinely love them ? I was raised with the original trilogy but I knew after watching Sith that it was the best Star Wars movie. And it still is!
  9. Well if you go with that definition I find Andor very fun despite being serious. I had a smile on my face at the end of each episode because I feel I'm finally getting Star Wars back, I haven't felt like this since Lucas left (except for Rogue One) I'm surprised to see people not liking it. Everywhere I go I see praises for it and it's often at the top of polls for best Star Wars movie with Empire. But to each their own haha.
  10. The beginning of the movie is kind of fun yeah (although miles from anything in 1 4 and 6) but then it gets so serious and that's the best part. I find 3 to be the best Star Wars, and yet it's really not fun, more tragic. The point is that some Star Wars movies are less fun than others, some games too. KOTOR is very very serious yet it's vastly regarded as the best Star Wars game. That's okay to have a balance instead of everything being the same.
  11. But the best Star Wars movies (3 & 5 ) are not fun at all. I agree that being fun is part of Star Wars, but there is also a lot of Star Wars that isn't fun and is still very good. So far Andor is imo the best live action project we've had since Revenge of the Sith in 2005. With maybe Rogue One too but that's it. That last episode was absolutely fantastic. The only thing I dislike is the music.
  12. You're absolutely right. And I think Gold agrees with you since he has kept using this theme for other Doctors. You hear it several times associated with 12 and also with John Hurt, although in the case of John Hurt it's just a re-used music, unlike 12 that has 3 new variations of Mad Man.
  13. Honestly good. Blomkamp's ego was even bigger, the dude was literally gonna decanonize two movies.
  14. It's mostly positive because Amazon, who owns IMDB, have been removing literally every single reviews that are below 6 stars. Which is frankly astonishing. I expected the show to be awful, I ended up enjoying it quite a lot, but this practice is really disgusting in my opinion.
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