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  1. Haha
    Oswin Pond reacted to TBO1711 in The Doctor Who Thread.....   
    ok then the Jodie Whittaker 13th doctor episodes were fucking shit, thank fuck RRD is returning. Chris Churnball completely shat on doctor who but RTD will fix it
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    Oswin Pond reacted to DarthDementous in The Doctor Who Thread.....   
    ??? There's no rules against swearing on this forum as far as I'm aware
  3. Love
    Oswin Pond reacted to Arpy in The Doctor Who Thread.....   
    This is fucking brilliant news!
    Gold is one of the best composers for television - I can't describe how brilliant it was to hear the evolution of the music from 2005 to 2017 as the budget increased, so too did Gold's access to orchestrate and record the scores with a full symphony orchestra. By 2010 the scores had the size and opulence of any big Hollywood film score. 
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    Oswin Pond reacted to Jay in The Doctor Who Thread.....   
    Murray Gold returning to compose new series of Doctor Who
  6. Love
    Oswin Pond reacted to enderdrag64 in The Doctor Who Thread.....   
    Murray Gold's work on s1-10 of Doctor Who might be some of my favorite music ever outside of Star Wars. I've always wanted to do a proper thematic analysis of it, I wish more was officially released.
    Very glad to see he's coming back!
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    Oswin Pond got a reaction from DarthDementous in Nicholas Britell - ANDOR (2022)   
    Honestly it was. That made me quit the show at episode 1 because I couldn't bear listening to a discounted Williams. I eventually powered through but man the Rebels soundtrack is probably my least favorite score out of all the Star Wars content. It's on par with the EPIC VERSION or SLOWED AND REVERBED you see on youtube that butcher the OG tracks.
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    Oswin Pond reacted to Stark in Nicholas Britell - ANDOR (2022)   
    It was bad! Imagine all the wrong Star Wars cues with a worse orchestra/samples!
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    Oswin Pond reacted to MaxTheHouseelf in Star Wars: Andor (2022) - released episode spoilers allowed   
    Totally agree, it's the best of the spin-off series by far and I enjoy it very much. I just wish the music had a few distinguishable melodic themes (or just motifs) for Cassian / Bix / Mon Mothma etc. that would stand out a little bit more. Otherwise I like the electronic, texture approach (although on it's own its forgettable). It fits well into this dark industrial setting. Romantic melodies like in A New Hope wouldn't work that well for this tone they're going for IMO.
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    Oswin Pond reacted to Romão in TWIN PEAKS   
    Man, I loved these last two episodes, specially the very last one.
    This show took a while to get used to, seeing how different it was from the previous seasons of Twin Peaks. And after 16 episodes, when you think you can have the tone of this show figured out, Lynch throws us yet another curve ball with these two episodes, specially the very last one.
    I thought this last one was an extraordinary hour of television. I was completely taken by it.
    The only problem with it was...it was the last episode. And that changes everything and I really don't how I feel about it. It has so much promise
    But for better or worse, this is easiest the ballsiest, most uncompromising show I have ever seen. Even the parts I didn't enjoy so much, I still have tremendous respect for.
    But I really do hope more Twin Peaks will follow
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    Oswin Pond reacted to mstrox in TWIN PEAKS   
    I still don't have a lot to say - still digesting - but man did I love that finale.
    The whole identity crisis of episode 18 - real(?) Coop, real(?) Diane, Richard, Linda, Carrie Page - was straight out of Lynch's playbook (Lost Highway especially, but also bits of Mulholland Dr and Inland Empire).  I read a recent Esquire interview with Kyle McLachlan where he said that when he first read the script, he knew that The Return would appeal more to David Lynch fans than Twin Peaks fans, but that hopefully some of the Twin Peaks fans would go along for the ride.  Seems about right.
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    Oswin Pond reacted to Thor in TWIN PEAKS   
    I'm inclined to agree with this:
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    Oswin Pond reacted to Thor in TWIN PEAKS   
    I think this is one of the greatest things on television ever, and I stand by that after having seen the final two episodes now. OK, so it ends on another cliffhanger (a "screw you" to those who wanted the closure that the original run didn't have), but in a way it feels more closed than that. Even if they don't do another season. Lynch's absolute refusal to do traditional storytelling is something I really admire -- we need that kind of integrity and arthouse aesthetic in mainstream television.
    Once I got over the fact that this wouldn't be a nostalgia trip (the only bit of Cooper in Twin Peaks in the whole of season 3 was really the quick sherriff station entrance in the penultimate episode, as well as driving past a closed R&R in the last), I marveled at the episodes and segments where he went all out 'art gallery installation'. Those are my favourite moments. I have some minor issues here and there, but I'm not confident these issues have more to do with nostalgia than a fair evaluation of what this particular project is (like the absence of music in the more humourous moments, the Audrey Horne storyline -- which wasn't explained in the end).
    Fantastic show altogether! I'd welcome another season, but doubt it's going to happen. And if it doesn't, this can stand alone perfectly well.
  14. Love
    Oswin Pond reacted to Quintus in TWIN PEAKS   
    The replacement Donna was fine anyway, plus she was cuter, always a bonus. They could have had her in the new series. 
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    Oswin Pond reacted to Indianagirl in Which movie will be the best and biggest of late 2022: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever or Avatar: The Way of Water?   
    I don't know if there's any interest for Black Panther or not. I just don't follow the marvel crowd. I've never liked Marvel.....but Despite the fact that it's foolish to vote against Jim Cameron I don't see any excitement for Avatar
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    Oswin Pond reacted to Edmilson in House of the Dragon vs The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power   
    House of the Dragon is clearly the superior show. It's more well written and has more engaging characters. But that doesn't mean TROP is bad, it's just not on the same level as HOTD.
    Score wise, the Amazon show wins, thanks to Bear McCreary's wonderful scores. Djawadi's work on HOTD is pretty good too, though.
    I think a more interesting poll would be: House of the Dragon vs The Rings of Power vs Star Wars Andor. All three of them are prequels to fantasy franchises (someone quoting me and saying that SW is no fantasy in 3, 2, 1...)
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    Oswin Pond reacted to Mr. Who in Ramin Djawadi: House Of The Dragon (2022)   
    I think that the emotional theme he is referring to is used in the love scene with Daemon in episode 7 and also in Rhaenyra's Welcome. I've always thought that she has 2 main themes: the one I just mentioned which could be called her A theme and the choir theme which could be called B theme or Rebellious theme).
    I loved how her themes came together with the Heir theme in the coronation scene in the finale, where the choir theme started alone before it was joined by the Heir theme and the choir took on an accompanying role to the Heir theme, before it segued into the Rhaenyra A theme when we the scene moved from outdoors to the map room!
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    Oswin Pond reacted to Arpy in Samuel Kim - Star Wars Theme   
    I love it, Samuel comes over here and explains his work and the very next post to follow is Ulyssesian utterly shitting over it. C'mon man, have some decency.
    I don't like this trailerized music, but I can recognize and appreciate that at least there was some thought behind it. In effect, it's harmless, it isn't ruining any legacy, nor is it insulting to Williams (who had to endure the disco versions of the day). This is just how composers/arrangers like Samuel are paying homage, experimenting etc. 
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    Oswin Pond reacted to Fabulin in Samuel Kim - Star Wars Theme   
    How can you trash someone who literally said he worked on this as an exercise, and for mere 3 hours? Not everyone is a Shostakovich. Let people have fun with Williams' music the way they see it. It is a testament to his legacy that composers in training are using his themes as a basis for personal experimentation, whatever its goals might be. 
  20. Thanks
    Oswin Pond reacted to samuelkimmusic in Samuel Kim - Star Wars Theme   
    Thanks for sharing!
    I do agree with most of the comments here.
    My arrangement is a very generic/plain trailer music trash for sure. Sounds like a Lexus commercial music. lol
    I just spent 3 hours orchestrating this piece for fun since the final trailer music was very popular at the time, but I think the arrangement gave star wars fans a nostalgic impact.
    If I spent a couple more days and had a budget for an orchestra, I think the song could've sounded a bit better, honoring John Williams' musical legacy...
    As a composer, I'm constantly studying John Williams' scores because it is so timeless and beautiful.
    Anyways thanks to those who listened to the track and gave feedback!
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    Oswin Pond reacted to DarthDementous in Natalie Holt's OBI-WAN KENOBI (2022)   
    This is actually a nightmare scenario wtf
    Imagine using a generic trailer music style cover as the inspiration while filming instead of the actual iconic Williams piece. Utterly insane. No wonder the music sounds the way it does
  22. Really Sad
    Oswin Pond reacted to Brando in Natalie Holt's OBI-WAN KENOBI (2022)   
    Can’t remember if it’s this thread or not but yes it looks like they played Samuel Kims version on the set🙄
  23. Haha
  24. Like
    Oswin Pond got a reaction from enderdrag64 in Ludwig Göransson & Joseph Shirley's THE MANDALORIAN (2019-present)   
    Not a fan of Kim but yes this is a straight up rip off of Samuel Kim. The structure of the track is exactly the same with the same leitmotivs played at the same time (even the incorrect ones like the fake Boba theme from ESB)
  25. Haha
    Oswin Pond got a reaction from ThePenitentMan1 in Ludwig Göransson & Joseph Shirley's THE MANDALORIAN (2019-present)   
    No you are correct. They took the track called "Rogue One" instead. Given the name they must have thought it was the main theme, but it isn't.
    Seems like a weird mistake to make, don't they study the scores they're adapting?
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