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  1. The buildup to the Superman theme with the ostinato at 2:30
  2. The bit of action music in the "They fly now?" clip is not present on the FYC album funnily enough
  3. Is Michael Abel's "Us" eligible, it has a lot of references to a specific pop song doesn't it?
  4. It sounds great, easy 4 stars that could be 5 when we get the other material too. It feels pretty fresh to me? Lots of interesting bits here and there
  5. Perhaps indicative of the amount of original (new) material vs arrangements of old material?
  6. Went to a showing of Philosopher/Sorcerer's Stone this September in Stavanger, Norway. The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra has become very adept at playing film music over the years and I honestly didn't hear a single flub. Only thing I missed was a choir, some of the bigger moments lost their oomph a bit without the voices.
  7. Just love this little part of the Catamaran Race from Jaws 2: 1:20 - 2:00. Honestly Jaws 2 is such a fantastic score. I guess I'd be remiss not to mention this too: Gorgeous fanfare and I love the way it resolves.
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