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  1. His MEDAL OF HONOR scores, SECRET WEAPONS OVER NORMANDY, THE INCREDIBLES, RATATOUILLE and UP are all great. Almost everything post-UP, not so much. He has his moments, but by and large I feel like the quality of his stuff has been in freefall these past few years. I also tend to think he does better with animation than he does with live-action, for whatever reason.
  2. Do you refer to the soundtrack version or the concert version (the one he recorded w/ Boston Pops)?
  3. I can't possibly pick one top favorite, so here are 10 of my favorites (in no order): "Prologue" (JFK) "The Meeting in Sicily" (MONSIGNOR) "The Seduction of Suki and the Ballroom Scene" (THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK) "Kelso in Barstow" (1941) "Fawkes the Phoenix" (HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS) "For Gillian" (THE FURY) "Remembering Childhood" (HOOK) "The Plane" (EMPIRE OF THE SUN) "End Titles: "If We Were in Love"" (IF WE WERE IN LOVE) "Journey to the Island" (JURASSIC PARK)
  4. As I suspected, one of the best things in the score is something he wrote years ago back when he was good.
  5. Extremely good deal offered on his site. I'm probably going to toss the 192/24 on my external and keep CD-quality on my computer and iPhone, but still happy to have the high-res for if I ever want it. Nice to have a digital booklet too; that's not offered on iTunes or any of the other sites from what I can tell. The music (so far) is phenomenal. I love the extensive percussion in his film scores, but it's a nice break to have some symphonic/choral music where his voice as a composer really shines through, without the chance of anything being "buried". This release further cements my view that Powell is probably the best composer working in film (maybe even in general) today, aside from Williams. Seriously, can you imagine Giacchino putting out something of this quality?
  6. Listening now; sounds incredible. Quite possibly the most gifted composer working in Hollywood these days aside from Williams.
  7. I am trying to throw together a workout playlist comprised of film music. Not really sure where to begin, but I definitely know I'm including "Escape from the Dragon" from Gregson-Williams/Powell's SHREK. So, I guess anything that has a similar upbeat feel. Any recommendations? Open to music from any and all film composers, as long as it's exciting for the majority of the track (so, I'm trying to avoid tracks that have substantial slow sections, even if there is otherwise some good upbeat stuff). Thanks!
  8. Anyone have any more ideas for film score workout music? Trying to put together a playlist.
  9. People here have already seen the film? How? EDIT. Oh wow, it’s already out literally everywhere but the US? What the heck?
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