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  1. Members of the Pittsburgh Symphony perform the Chorale from Hymn to the Fallen by John Williams. We wish you a meaningful and safe Memorial Day.
  2. Special message from members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Brass and Superman... Members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Brass play the Superman March by John Williams Arranged by Jim Nova Chad Winkler - Trumpets Mark Houghton - Horn Jim Nova - Trombones (tenor, bass and contrabass) Craig Knox - Tuba Editing, Mixing and Mastering by Jim Nova YouTube link
  3. Special message from the Jedi council... May the 4th be with you!
  4. Hey everyone! Check out my new video, A Peek Behind the Curtain - The Making of Kylo Ren's Theme Overdub It shows how I make my recordings. Hope you enjoy it! Please check out my website and subscribe to my youtube channel!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtG6mBPNa2o James Nova Trombone - Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Brass Area Coordinator and Adjunct Trombone Faculty - Duquesne University Brass Coach - Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestras jimnova.com
  5. Hello all! You may remember last month I released a new album of John Williams' music: Well...the Pittsburgh Post Gazette just did an article on my project! Be sure to watch the short "Behind the scenes" video in the article! Click here to see the article!
  6. Thank you so much! At it's heart, this is a fan project of my highest attempt! I just wanted to be more formal as I'm new to this forum. I've been respectfully reading it for years. It was done by me! The originator of this project. Sorry if it came off as impersonal. See above... Yes! And thanks Rick, for your willingness to support something, which on the surface, may seem weird, but if you dig deeper, is yet another example of a serious artist's work, in honor of JW. If you look here: https://jimnova.com/about/ You'll hear about my history with JW. I sent him a recording of my Superman recording: and JW sent me this letter: I agree with you that much of the less prominent pieces JW wrote, are quite potent and powerful to the narrative. I hope you all enjoy this project! Please let me know your thoughts and of course I understand some may not approve of this. I hope you all view it in the lens it was viewed and recorded: as a musician who loves JW's artistry and even though I play in a major orchestra, I wish I could play his music much more often than I do!
  7. Pittsburgh Symphony Trombonist Releases Star Wars Album James Nova, trombonist in the Pittsburgh Symphony orchestra, has released a new album for trombone choir, A Fall from Light to Dark. Through the chosen moments of John Williams’ masterful scores, this album musically chronicles the rise and descent of Anakin Skywalker as he transforms into Darth Vader. Jim has had a lifelong love of John Williams’ film scores since his Dad took him and his brother to see The Empire Strikes Back in the theater. Throughout his career he has performed and recorded with John Williams on several occasions, with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Symphony, the Boston Pops as well as the Utah Symphony. In 2012, Jim was preparing for another season with the Pittsburgh Symphony and thought a fun way to get into shape would be to overdub (or “Novadub”) one of his John Williams trombone choir transcriptions. He chose his transcription of the Superman March as his first effort. He posted it on SoundCloud. Fast forward to now and his SoundCloud page has passed 600,000 listens! He decided it was time to make an actual commercial album and set out learning the art of mixing and mastering, which brings him to this project: A Fall from Light to Dark. Some of you may think, “trombone choir?” Trombone choir is a rich and varied color ensemble capable of powerful, crushing, devastating and also tender, introspective, delicate moments. This album demonstrates the power of John Williams’ scores and how they translate so well to this medium. All transcriptions, playing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering by James Nova. To hear some clips and learn more about Jim, visit jimnova.com
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