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  1. I had to vote for Jedi Steps and Finale (also because it includes Rey's, Kylo and Resistance) although wanted to say another piece just because in all this polls I'm voting to TFA...
  2. A tough choice... War Horse, Tintin and Lincoln are absolutely great. But I voted to TFA, I think that one is probably my favourite score from this period.
  3. Really???? Maybe is because the score for The Mandalorian is not of my particular taste so probably I'm not so aware of the different missing cues! Out of curiosity, is there many music missing?
  4. The whole Skywalker saga deserves complete scores, with alternates and full versions of each cues, specially for TROS, which seems has more unused music than music has been released. I hope Disney releases them "soon". I felt very positive on how they released the complete score from The Mandalorian, and Williams deserves something bigger.
  5. I usually like Romer's scores, I wasn't sure how he would be in an action movie as this one but I had hopes in him... If they want to play safe I would go also with David Arnold, if not... John Williams, why not?? hahahaha I can easily imagine Benjamin Walfisch credited. Is not my favourite composer (I couldn't enjoy Shazam! which seems a very popular score) but better him than the actual Hans Zimmer.
  6. I'm not going to be very original. I have my top 3 very clear: 1. The Jedi Steps / Finale from TFA 2. The Rebel Fleet / End Title from ESB 3. The Throne Room / End Title from ANH Now, the rest: 4. Ewok Celebration and Finale from ROTJ (I prefer the 1983 version) 5. Finale from TROS 6. Finale from TLJ 7. Augie's Great Municipal Band and End Credits from TPM 8. Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale from AOTC 9. A New Hope and End Credits from ROTS
  7. Is complicated because I've been listening to The Force Awakens for 4 years, to The Last Jedi 2 and just some weeks to The Rise of Skywalker. Having to take only 5 themes I picked: - Rey - Kylo - Resistance - Rose - Trio/We Go Together But I love the rest, specially Jedi Steps (short appearance but very memorable) and Pursuit theme. I feel very happy with the themes in the new trilogy and, maybe unpopular, I prefer it to the prequels. I also want to mention this motif that briefly appears in all the sequels
  8. Umm could be... It certainly has something familiar in it, but also find it similar to Jedi Steps,
  9. After many listenings I just adore this score. Is slightly less epic than (I think) it should, but even more memorable than I hoped to be. I don't know precisely why, but A New Home is probably my favourite track. I can't overstate how much I like the simple theme combined with Rey's theme. At the beginning "Finale" was a little bit underwhelming but after my last listen a couple of minutes ago I'm feeling very positive. I would have gone with a different music than the "Main Title" but I love the previous part of the suite.
  10. Just one, I'll wait to listen more times to that (and the rest of the soundtrack) for when I got the CD after seeing the movie.
  11. Honestly I won't be very surprised if this FYC promo is not the actual FYC promo CD. Clearly someone failed at his job leaking it before its time, so this could be even a first assembled promotional rather than the final version. I just say this because the tracks seem very short and more like portions of a complete album. Anyway, I liked quite a lot. I need to listed to more music and see it in context but it makes me think that I'll enjoy the movie.
  12. ... So, it seems that now the FYC links and the music page are offline Any other chance to get the mp3?
  13. I never liked these kind of clips... It doesn't sound bad but neither as good as I would like. With TFA clip I had the very same feeling: I need more music.
  14. I don't know... It has a synth sound that don't like but the melody could be a good imitation of Wiliams. In any case I need longer tracks to recognise Williams...
  15. It's not the best SW score, but not the worst either. I agree that some portions are directly extracted from the concert arrangements which makes them less... "original" but the new segments are great. I love 'The Resistance is Reborn', 'The Spark', 'The Fathiers' and, in general, all the action music. Is not a flawless score but I prefer it from all the precuels (except TPM).
  16. I much prefer the original version. Never liked the concert arrangement for The Throne Room, although I usually prefer others arrangement as The Ewok Battle....
  17. I always thought that Ross started adapting HP1 music as the same time as Williams started composing the new themes, so we had less time for adding those. Maybe the first idea was for Williams and Ross to work separately (I mean: Ross just adapting the score for the first part for some specific scenes and Williams writing new cues for other scenes) and schedule and everything resulted in a different approach.
  18. It might be something form Star Wars Jedi: fallen Order, the new video game. I don't know who is working on that score but definitely that clip sounds closer to a VG than a John Williams score...
  19. My bad! You guys are absolutely right. I wrote that without recalling carefully which instances of copy-pasted tracks appeared in the scores :S
  20. I guess someone else has also said this (a lot of comments in the thread) but I always hated when he includes a reprise of the main theme. For example: Theme From Schindler's List (Reprise), Hymn to the Fallen (Reprise), the End Credits form Jurassic Park, etc I always felt he missed including extra music. Also, I didn't like the throne room extension in Revenge of the Sith end credits soundtrack. I wouldn't mind that concert arrangement as a separate track, but in the end credits I felt it broke the flow.
  21. I enjoyed this album and still have it. It's not ideal and I much prefer something like the RCA edition but it included many of the tracks that I missed when listening to the first album.
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