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  1. Sadly... yes I like RO's score a lot. It is definitely noticeable that Giacchino was brought in at the very last minute, but he still pulled it off amazingly. I take months to write 10 minutes of music. Writing around an hour in about 4 weeks? That's insane. On the other hand, TLJ is impressive at times. I love the opening track, The Battle of Crait has quickly become my favourite and there are some other sparks here and there, but overall I think it is the weakest Star Wars soundtrack of them all. I have been wondering why I was not as blown away as before: maybe Williams is finally getting on? Was it Rian's fault? Who knows. I still like it, but not as much as I enjoyed TFA.
  2. Hey! Sorry for bumping the old thread. I am new to this forum, and I was wondering if anybody has the files for TFA and RO FYC release. I found out about it horribly late and the links were already dead when I found them. If anyone could share them, I would be very grateful. Also, let me know if asking for these files is not allowed, since I am still a newborn here. Cheers, and thanks!
  3. Hello, everyone! My name is Juan Pablo (everybody calls me JP), and I am from Mexico. 24 year old, and I have no memory of not being a JW fan. I have been visiting this website several times in the past, and have now decided to join the conversation! Have a nice day!
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