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  1. This made me super mad since Solo may be my favorite all-time score. And, anyway, with all the amazing scores that Powell has done, he really deserves an Oscar. I guess since Ennio Morricone had to wait decades for his Oscar, Powell will just have to do the same.
  2. Who's strong and brave here to save the American way?
  3. If I'm generally a fan of very romantic scores and want to get into Zimmer, what's a good score to listen to first? Romantic as in time period, not emotion.
  4. Update on the Solo piano solo book; for the most part, it's great! They actually tried their best to transcribe the complexity of Powell's action into a piano solo part . . . which is why there isn't a whole bunch of action in this book. But the action they do have is great. Adventures of Han is a great transcription, better than the Samuel Fu one in many ways, I think. Same for Meet Han. They didn't transcribe all of Corellia Chase, but probably two or three minutes worth of it. Not sure why they even bothered with Train Heist; they only arranged the quiet part at the beginning and just ended
  5. Ha. I was just listening to The Rocketeer, and a motif that sounds just like the Death Star/Imperial fanfare just turned up at 1:21.
  6. I'm listening to The Rocketeer right now. What an amazing theme Horner wrote for it. Heroic, yet also old-fashioned at the same time. I love the time period and the intentional cheesiness of the movie. Main Title and Takeoff was just a joy to listen to.
  7. Nah, the Imperial fanfare only appears in A New Hope (and Rogue One). You can hear it almost every time that it cuts back to the Death Star in A New Hope. See 1:49 of "Burning Homestead or 6:18 of "Imperial Attack." In Rogue One, it shows up at 1:49 of "When Has Become Now."
  8. Home Alone. But I'm eighteen, so whaddaya expect?
  9. And don't you ever, ever interfere with my business again, because if you do, I'll kill you and everyone you love. I'll kill you dead. That's what I'll do to protect my family. You understand? Hey, I just saved your life. Now, what do you say?
  10. It's finally here! The Solo: A Star Wars Story piano solo book has arrived! https://www.halleonard.com/product/viewproduct.action?itemid=280822&subsiteid=1
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