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  1. On 8/19/2018 at 7:16 AM, Demodex said:


    What is the Imperial Fanfare in ANH?


    On 8/19/2018 at 7:39 AM, Disco Stu said:

    Oh god if we’ve got another gd wiseacre arguing that the Rebel Fanfare is actually an Imperial theme, I just can’t take it.  I can’t take anymore bullshit!


    Nah, the Imperial fanfare only appears in A New Hope (and Rogue One). You can hear it almost every time that it cuts back to the Death Star in A New Hope. See 1:49 of "Burning Homestead or 6:18 of "Imperial Attack." In Rogue One, it shows up at 1:49 of "When Has Become Now."

  2. 2 hours ago, Chen G. said:

    He also changes the sound itself: the "first" three scores are more percussion and choir heavy, use more rhythmic material and shorter motives, they're orchestrated differently;  the "next" three scores function more like musicals, with long-lined themes, and even compositions for standalone setpieces (such as the Asteroid Field) merit this song-like melodic structure, before Williams returns to a sound more like the "first" three pieces, only more dialed back for some reason. There's a notable change of orchestra and recording studio along the way, he changes the choral ensemble multiple times, the overall size of the ensemble varies greatly between entries, the deployment of synth and special instruments is not consistent across all eight scores, the mix is different, etc..


    That's fair. There are a whole lot of inconsistencies, but I think there are enough consistencies to unite them. And thanks for the articulation of what differs the prequel scores from the orig trig scores! I've always wanted to articulate what's different but never quite known how to separate them.

  3. I like the false-ish ending to Yoda's Theme. It comes to a peaceful conclusion, then restates the theme one more time in an even calmer and more beautiful way. And, of course, it has those strings rippling back and forth at the end, which I really love. It always makes me feel really peaceful listening to that ending. Which is why I didn't mind its inclusion in The Sacred Jedi Texts and the end credits of TLJ.

  4. Saw Ant-Man and the Wasp for the first time! I thought it was slightly better than the first one, but obviously nothing mind-blowing. I wish Michael Peña's buddies had done more and that Goliath had Goliathed, but all the main cast were great, and all the action sequences were really creative and fun! Bit of a downer ending, but it just makes the time until March when Captain Marvel comes out all the more unbearable. Very solid movie though.

  5. I think I'm probably imagining it, but during Maz's Counsel, at 0:37, I'm always reminded of Across the Stars by that faint harp. Probably not intentional though.

    51 minutes ago, Locrius said:

    Han & Leia love theme at 2:14:


    Isn't that more like the Across the Stars B section than Han Solo and the Princess? Unless I'm not remembering a part of HSatP.

  6. On 7/2/2018 at 1:07 PM, Nick Parker said:

    With all of this, it's imperative you remember that you don't really care about these questions at all, or at the very least curious in the most superficial of ways. This format allows posters to give declarative answers that feed into an incredibly boring topic, becoming a wall memorial of opinion monologues and soliloquies, stimulating almost no conversation whatsoever, certainly none that are interesting.


    Well said.

  7. Just now, Disco Stu said:


    "Life in the Bubble" from 2014 is an excellent album.  They're a little too slick and "Hollywood" for my usual taste in big band music but the talent is undeniable.  Some really neat arrangements.


    I'll check it out for sure! I just bought one of their albums and am hooked, so I'll probably have to keep buying them now.

  8. Shmi's theme is my favorite, all the way! Anakin Is Free is one of my favorite tracks from The Phantom Menace. The pan flute solo and everything that follows it is so tender and beautiful!


    I also like the Death Star theme a lot and wished it had appeared more, both in RotJ and in R1.


    I also LOVE the Alliance Assembly theme. It deserves more appearances.

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