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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to Raiders of the SoundtrArk in What Is the Last Score You Listened To? (2023 Scores)   
    It's quite simple:
    Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny  

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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to Tallguy in The Dave Filoni / Kevin Kiner (& co.) Star Wars Thread   
    I adore Omega's theme. Hits me like a ton of bricks every time.
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to Stark in Simon Franglen's AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER (2022)   
    Even after death, Horner scores quote Horner scores!
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo got a reaction from The Illustrious Jerry in What are your favorite shots in a movie?   
    Gotta love this one then.

    Why don't I just go ahead and do one from each SW movie I haven't done yet since I love them all.

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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to Disco Stu in GALAXY'S EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)   
    The always insightful @Falstaft weighs in!

    Read the entire thread, it's great stuff.  I'll definitely be keeping all this in mind when I listen next!
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to mstrox in GALAXY'S EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)   
    I listened to this once in the car this morning and thought it was pretty good.  Not as in love with it as some of you seem to be, but it was only a first listen.  Even the new TFA themes had to grow on me before I loved them.
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to Holko in GALAXY'S EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)   
    Yeah, I'm not finding anything to hook me either.
    Unpopular opinion: it'd fit perfectly fine into Gordy's Battlefront score and wouldn't even be a standout piece.
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo got a reaction from Sunshine Reger in Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?   
    Okay, here we go. I want to do one for each Star Wars movie since I've listened to them so many times.
    Ep. IV: I love the first minute and a half of "Wookiee Prisoner/Detention Block Ambush." The echoey sound of the pizzicato strings and that timpani solo is not really a type of underscore you hear again in any Star Wars movie. Or maybe I'm just experiencing Stockholm Syndrome from hearing it so many times in Jedi Outcast.
    Ep. V: The first twenty seconds of "The Training Of A Jedi Knight/The Magic Tree." Those magical pizz strings with the bells playing sounds so mystical and exciting and beautiful at the same time. And then that mischievous version of Yoda's theme on top is great.
    Ep. VI: The Alliance Assembly theme. It only appears during "Alliance Assembly," but it's such a rich and noble and serious theme. I wish it had appeared more.
    Ep. I: In "Fighting The Destroyer Droids" (Ultimate Edition), I love the snare solos starting at 1:13 and then the martial motif at 1:28. It feels like a destroyer's theme, but it never shows up again, so I guess we'll never know.
    Ep. II: Really the entirety of "Zam the Assassin and the Chase Through Coruscant"  because we'd never heard SW music like that before and didn't really again until Solo: A Star Wars Story. But more specifically I love the famous electric guitar solo and the percussion solos. The first percussion solo is 2:18 through 2:32, the first electric guitar bit is 3:18 through 3:26, the second percussion solo is 4:21 through 4:55, and both the percussion and guitar get a solo moment together at 5:10 through 5:26 (mostly percussion, but the guitar makes a very distinguishable appearance).
    Ep. III: The swirling operatic strings at the beginning of "Grievous Speaks To Lord Sidious" and leading into that martial brassy theme and eventually choir. The best part goes from 0:00 to 0:52. So stirring!
    Ep. VII: This one's harder because when he isn't presenting a main theme, it's mostly underscore without a lot of melody or personality (you can see my opinion of the TFA score peeking through here, doubtless). I love all the brass fanfares in "I Can Fly Anything," like at 0:23. And the trumpet screams at 0:48. And the off-beat trumpet stabs around 1:06. But there's no long segment that's not a theme that really speaks to me.
    Ep. VIII: I have three for this since it has a lot more personality and fun little one-off moments. My favorite has to be the end of "Main Title and Escape." That whole tragic passage from 6:13 to 6:44 often makes me tear up. The brass writing there is so powerful! My second favorite moment is, of course, the opening of "The Fathiers." It's so bubbly and energetic and is totally original, not based on any previous themes! The first ten seconds are the best part other than the glowing brass rendition of Rose's theme. And my third favorite is from the FYC in "The Master Codebreaker." John Williams goes full old-school scoring when we see the codebreaker, with those sweeping strings playing something that sounds right out of the 40s. Specifically 0:49 through 0:59. So lavish!
    Anyway, that was a lot, and maybe I'll do another about non-SW scores, but SW is, after all, my first love, so I really wanted to do a moment from each Williams score.
    My favorite non-SW JW moment is when the Arab swordsman shows up in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The bombastic brass playing a Middle-Eastern-sounding theme and then those brass swoops up are great! 2:22 through 2:28 of "The Basket Game," specifically.
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to Thor in Williams' manliest most testosterone-fuelled music?   
    This is up to interpretation, of course (what is 'manly', anyway?), but I think maybe this non-film music composition might fit the bill:
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to Oomoog the Ecstatic in Williams' manliest most testosterone-fuelled music?   
    These are all girly themes with their 'harmony' and 'notes'. What are you guys on your period.
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to Nick Parker in Williams' manliest most testosterone-fuelled music?   
    Oh yeah, the Arena! 
    Goddamn, that is meaty!
    Also love that low brass etc. at 5:12.
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  13. Haha
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to SteveMc in The Birthday Thread   
    Happy Birthday @Matt C!  And @Mitth'raw'nuorodo!  And @toothless!
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to The Illustrious Jerry in The Birthday Thread   
    Happy birthday to @Matt C, @Mitth'raw'nuorodo, and @toothless!

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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to MrScratch in An Evening with John Williams -- Baltimore 6/13/18   
    Yeah, I wanted to be as close to Williams as possible without looking at his backside the entire time.  I sat here the last time I saw him.  I like sitting up front by the string section too, sitting so close I often hear things in performances that I didn’t notice in the recordings.  I also had a great view of Johannes Moser performing the Geisha suite, that was amazing to hear AND see up close.  It’s also neat to see Williams interact with the musicians during and in between pieces.  Marin Alsop was still onstage when the Imperial March began and upon hearing it the crowd burst into applause.  Williams shot Marin a sly sarcastic smile and rolled his eyes a bit. 
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to MrScratch in An Evening with John Williams -- Baltimore 6/13/18   
    I took a hundred pictures at this concert - most of them blurry and crappy. I finally went through them all.  I like this one a lot, I snuck some pics of him conducting. This is the best one.

    This one is adorable.

    Is he looking at me..?

    Marin and the maestro

    ...wait wait, did you hear the one about Schindler’s List??

    No, John... Thank YOU!

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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to crumbs in RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019   
    I will say, if you'd run a poll 5 years ago asking for which director Williams would write his final film score, I doubt anyone would've guessed JJ Abrams!
    If there's an element of truth to this rumour then that really ramps up the pressure on JJ's final Star Wars film. Just imagine knowing your movie would feature John's final film score. That would be unbearably stressful! I'd basically ask him to write leitmotifs for the most incidental things. 
    JJ: John, that rock at the edge of frame is really important. Can you please write something in the vein of Hedwig's Theme to accompany it? I probably won't use it but it would be good to have the option. 
    JW: Anything you say, baby. Just let me finish writing the seventeenth cantina band piece first. 
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to crumbs in RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019   
    So Spielberg/Williams finish their collaboration at 28 scores and The Post? Hrmmmm... I'd like to think not.
    Spielberg himself said their aim is to achieve 30 scores together. If Williams adapts WSS and scores Indy 5, that's their milestone 30th. A fitting climax to their partnership, methinks (though hopefully for a far more worthy sequel than the last).
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to Bryant Burnette in RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019   
    This thread is in really poor taste.  If this is merely a rumor, then you've posted a rumor you had no business posting.  If it's true, then you've done Williams a disservice by trying to scoop him on his own retirement.
    Either way, shame on you.
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to crumbs in RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019   
    Not sure about this one. He's been asked about retirement before and has signalled he has no intentions to officially retire, that writing music is just in his DNA and he writes every day. 
    Why on earth would official confirmation of something like this go to some random Harry Potter news site? More likely they've just misinterpreted Williams' comments about retiring from Star Wars after IX. 
    Either way, nobody could begrudge him if he chose to retire altogether after IX. I'm still elated that we got 2 new Star Wars scores, hopefully soon a trilogy's worth, at his advanced age. 
    And yes, for the love of god just cancel Indy 5 if Williams doesn't want to score it (an outcome I can't see happening unless Williams is physically incapable of writing by that time). 
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to phbart in RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019   
    He won't retire until he gets his 6th Oscar.
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to pete in RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019   
    He’s often said he’ll compose as long as he’s able, so I think either the rumour is bullshit or his health problems are serious. If his health problems are serious, then wouldn’t he retire sooner rather than a year from now after having written a large score? 
    Sure, he may slow down as conducting concerts and recording in studios require physical efforts, but based on his earlier quotes, I find the idea he’ll stop composing to be nonsense unless he’s at death’s door. 
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    Mitth'raw'nuorodo reacted to The Illustrious Jerry in RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019   
    Well we know of:
    Episode IX and Galaxy's Edge
    We are pretty sure of, provided everything's on time:
    Indiana Jones 5
    And I'm hoping he'll at least somehow be in on a Tintin sequel, if we ever get that, as well as maybe on last shebang with some sort of Spielberg flick.
    However, retirement in 2019 would probably limit some of those last ones.
    He could always write themes for things I suppose, like with Solo.
    Mixed feelings. I want him to keep composing, I'm wondering what retirement would mean for him, and I'm thinking about how thankful we should be as it is.
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