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  1. Really glad you brought up this topic! I know it's easy to jump to criticism with this set but there's so much to appreciate it. I'm glad the Legacy Collection line did not go extinct! I resonate with your appreciation for (finally available!) score cues that we've never properly heard before. The ones you mentioned are fantastic. "Morning in the Bell Tower" has that tender quality that I connect with cues from Beauty and the Beast (Beast Lets Belle Go) and Aladdin (The Kiss). It's quite simple but I love the oboe solo! "Find the Girl" is also fantastic and includes a major section of score that wasn't covered in the "Paris Burning" track on the OST
  2. According to the disneymusicemporium instagram account, the Hunchback Legacy Collection arrives tomorrow?! Perhaps on streaming platforms (and shipping is as-of Sept 22??) Either way ... This kind of makes sense because Release Radar on Spotify updates every Friday which is sort of the unofficial weekday for album releases now
  3. David Kirschner (executive producer) just did an interview for the Big Seance podcast in which he mentions that John Debney will be scoring Hocus Pocus 2!! https://bigseance.com/2021/09/01/195-hocus-pocus-and-the-sequel-with-creator-writer-and-executive-producer-david-kirschner-big-seance/ Listen around the 45:12 mark
  4. Could this post be considered as a hint? D23 Presents: Five Facts about The Hunchback of Notre Damehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VxCnBjOxHw It was uploaded within the past 24h
  5. Wow that’s really cool! I had never even heard of Neumation Music until you pointed this out. Great to see that there’s now a few publishers for full scores
  6. If anyone feels compelled to submit feedback to Disney Music Emporium, the division that produces the Legacy Collection, they do accept feedback here: https://www.disneymusicemporium.com/page/feedback
  7. If this demo tape of "Out There" sung by Alan Menken doesn't intrigue you to buy this release, I don't know what will! https://youtu.be/c1HKnZZg_M4 What a haunting melody and at the same time, so intimate. And then there's Heaven's Light with segue to Hellfire. The Hunchback of Notre Dame has tons of musical sophistication but as you can see, struggled to appeal to the youngest of audiences. https://youtu.be/NXpvXPjhdVg Beyond excited for this set!
  8. Here's the cue list for The Little Mermaid (1989), score by Alan Menken. Would anyone happen to have cue lists from other Menken scores? Source: orchestra score 1M1 Fathoms Below 1M2 Opening Credits 1M3S Fanfare 1M5 Daughters of Triton 1M6 Triton (Sting) 1M7 Intro Ariel 1M7A Shark Chase 2M0 Intro Scuttle 2M1 Intro Ursula 2M2 Triton Reprimands Ariel 2m2 Insert 2m3 You're Just the Crab 2m3 Insert 2m4 Sebastian's Dilemma 2m5 Sebastian Discovers 2m5 Sebastian Discovers (ver 2) 2m6 Part of Your World 3m1 Fireworks 3m2 Gigue 3m3 She's Out There 3m4 Storm 4m1 Is He Dead? 4m2 Part of Your World (Reprise) 4m3 Ursula Plots 4m3a Bucolic 4m4 Ariel in Love 4m5 Under the Sea 4m5a Under the Sea (Tag) 5m1 Sebastian and Triton 5m2 It's a Surprise 5m3 Destroying the Grotto 5m4 Flotsam and Jetsam 6m1 The Deal (Insert) 6M1 The Deal 6m1r (To Ursula's Lair) 6m1a (alternate) 6m1a Insert 6m2 Poor Unfortunate Souls (Part 1) 6m3 Poor Unfortunate Souls (Part 2) 6m4 Poor Unfortunate Souls (Part 3) 6m4a Beluga Sevruga 6m5 Fife 1 6m6 She's Got Legs 6m7 Sebastian Relents 7m1 Eric Finds Ariel 7m2 The Bath 7m3 Dead Fish (Sting) 7m4 Miss Manners 7m6 Les Poissons 7m6a Can-Can 7m7 Button 7m8 Crab on the Plate 7m9 Bedtime 7m10/8m0 Messenger and Triton 8m1 Tour of the Kingdom 8m3 Kiss the Girl 8m4 Ursula Transforms 8m5 Fife 2 8m6 Eric Hears Maiden 8m7 Wedding Announcement 8m8 Ariel Left Behind 8m10 Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise) 9m1 The Truth 9m2 Wedding March 9m2a Almost There 9m3 The Attack 9m4 Ariel's Voice Returns 9m5 You're Too Late 9m6 Eric to the Rescue 9m6a Ursula Rising 9m6b Whirlpool 10m1 Peace Returns 10m2 Happy Ending
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