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  1. Im renovating my home and putting in a brand new home entertainment system. Im looking for the perfect surround sound system to listen to my JW soundtracks and classical music. Can somebody give me some suggestions? im trying to stay within 2000$
  2. it had basically all full scores and sheet music that you could possibly think of.
  3. The site is being shut down. apperently the moderator's being sued. This is a huge disappointment for me, that site was a great tool for me. Im sad to see it go
  4. Seven Years in Tibet. The Cowboy Overture, first two to pop in my head.
  5. thank you, i've been trying to figure that out for ages!
  6. Now from my prior knowledge i thought JW orchestrated everything himself. But from those BBC clips on you tube it seems he had an orchestrator for ESB. Does anyone have any clue what other films JW didn't orchestrate himself.
  7. So i've been studying JW's music and scores for a while now and i've been trying to figure out how the man composes. I've been analyzing how he develops his melodies and chord progression. Has anybody got further than me in figuring out how he makes his music so distinct and dramatic. I would like to hear what other people have come up with.
  8. well i ordered The Cowboys Overture because its a great piece and because i have the full recording of it. i like to see how he orchestrates and creates his effects and i havn't found a recording that corresponds with the CE3K SE. But thank alot guys
  9. i was thinking about the cowboy overture. is its filled with good orchestration?
  10. of course i got that one! i've got Harry Potter SS, Battle of the Heroes, Flight to Neverland, Star Wars, and Viktor's Tale,
  11. Im about to purchase another SE and i dont no which one too get. Im lloking for one that shows JW's orchestration at his best or basically the best SE in your opinion and ill look into it. thanks guys
  12. does anybody know were i can find Stanford's Irish Rhapsody No. 4 & 5 in Full Score. I cant find them anywhere!
  13. how does the 26 staff look, does it have barlines? Is that the best you've found because i think ima get it.
  14. can anyone please tell me where i can find blank sheet music in full orchestra form. I cant seem to find it anywhere.
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