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  1. You might not believe it, but I wanted to buy only 2 tickets for the best places possible (best place = place where you can sit without your head turned to stage). I have opened my Firefox where I was logged for an hour on the page with event, where I have been waiting for "Ticket" button. When it showed up, it logged me out and I had to be in queue. I have also had opened Explorer - but since there was information on the web that Explorer is not supported, I just used it on "testing" purposes. Just to see how huge amount people will be there with me. So when I realised that I am actually logged out on Firefox an in the queue. Instead of waiting (my number was 1300) I looked on Explorer where I was also in queue, but my number was (700). I decided to try buy tickets through Explorer and if there will be problem I would still be able to buy tickets on Firefox. So I waited and when I had opportunity to buy tickets I just choose 4 tickets instead 2. I believed that I might change them for better places - that was priority for me. So I bought them and after that I was checking what seats they are exactly - I was very mad that I could not see them instantly on plan of hall. I was not quite happy that I had places quite in a back, but what could I do. I have seen comment of my friend who get ticket to Stalls and on very good place. And at this point I realised I am still in queue on Firefox. So I switched to my Firefox and waited ... logged in and voila - I was able to buy more tickets. Honestly I did not expected it. So I bought 2 tickets for me to stalls, paid them and then I found out that the place in stalls section are far as my places on balconee. So there it was - I just needed to decide which tickets I will keep and which ones will go to my friends or will be sold. I have tried to change tickets for better places, but nobody wanted to be far from the stage :-) S I have decided to sell them. The result = 3 of them are sold with profit and one ticket is reserved for my Boston friend for original price . As I said I do not feel shamed - the prices and values of those tickets are different. There were still 4000 people in queue, when information about selling out JW concert was published on the queue page. That is very high demand and I can truly expect that anyone who bought tickets from me yesterday, will be able sell them for the same prices to anyone else
  2. That is how I am actually taking it. If I would not be able get the tickets I was prepared to buy tickets for higher prices. I would not even think that there will be anyone actually selling his own for original prices.
  3. For me - It depends on the point of view. As I said I am selling 4 extra tickets with profit as those corporations. The difference between me and those corporations is that Viagogo etc. are selling them for nonreasonable prices to those unlucky people .. and they are doing it with every event. I had to think about it very well and since I will have to pay 1000USD only to buy tickets for a train to London. I would use some extra money that can cover me expensive train ticket Also, In a past I have sold one ticket for Morricone for original price and this ticket was lately acutioned for 3 more price.
  4. I agree with you in this case. The ticket to stalls M I bought were for 85GBP with fees - selling them for 360GBP is TOTALY crazy.
  5. I am selling my 4 extra tickets with profit - and I am not shame about that. There are memebrs that I know really well from meetings in Boston. So if I would get know that any one of them do not have his/her ticket for the show - I would be ready to sell it to him/her for original price. But since there are a lot of member, who I do not know in person, it would be nonsense to sell them for original prices and few minutes later see them on Ebay anyway
  6. I do not think there will be an extra date the day. There is one show the day before JW and also one the next day after JW.
  7. I was actually logged in hour before sale started. I have been refreshing page almost every minute and when there was 9AM it redirected me to the queue page ... You can imagine how painful it was. :((( What is worse, I still do not knw where I will precisely be sitting - since there was not any accurate plan of the hall
  8. I have those two to stalls as Etickets and the four to balconee as normal tickets. I will propably sell them when I will have those four in my hands.
  9. Hi Guys, I have managed to buy 6 tix. I will kepp 2 of them for my wife, but I will be happy to sell you those rest 4. (I have Stalls M Row 11 Seats 130, 131 and Grand Tier 11 Seats 9, 10, 11, 12 ) I still do not know wich one I will keep and which one I will sell. Anyway, is there anybody who has tickets to arena in some very front rows? I would like to be the - maybe change for some of mine :)?
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