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  1. Got my Tivo setup to record it (better sound system downstairs) of course I can't remove it from there once it's done.. but as long as I can listen to it a couple of times I'll be ok
  2. Gonzo made me full on CRY at that concert! And I managed to get my Force Awakens print signed by JJ afterwards, and get one done by Adam Savage who I just adore.. so yeah that gig was fantastic for me!
  3. yeah I've already set that up to record. And I know I'll enjoy it but... not the same as being in the RAH with so many like minded people listening to all those amazing musicians. I swear if Spielberg or Lucas turns up to do a little speech I'll throw things 😂
  4. Since I had to cancel this concert and pull out of this trip from Liverpool (wife's dad is sick in hospital so I said I'd stay at home in case she needed me - although literally as soon as I got the refund he started getting better) - but yeah since I had to cancel I'm not sure why I'm still here reading all these updates. They're already killing me seeing what else is going to be played and imagining how great the atmosphere is going to be. 5,000 fans all together listening to the LSO while JW recovers not too far away. Arrghhhh these posts over the next 24 hours are going to rip my heart out I know it lol.
  5. I wonder if there'll be any guests? When I've seen Michael Giacchino JJ Abrams turned up because they were filming Force Awakens at the time. Aren't they filming Episode 9 right now?
  6. As a first time John Williams live watcher (unlike some of you guys clearly!) I've no idea what to expect from this show. Is there a standard sort of set list that he plays at shows like this or a standard list that he rotates work from? I've seen people talk about a guest conductor, so is it like the first half is conducted by someone else then Williams comes out for the end? Super excited about this! (and having quite the Williams year with Close Encounters previously... then Jurassic Park, this show AND Star Wars later)
  7. I had two friends who were heartbroken to miss out on the tickets earlier in the year, and after hearing I'd got choir seats were even more devastated. They just tried this morning and managed to get two gallery tickets. Not exactly brilliant, but they're happy to just be in the room. I think they're gonna keep trying the hall in case any get returned.
  8. I realise they're behind the orchestra, but wouldn't you rather watch William's face while he's conducting?
  9. So apparently this is 2 seats away from mine. I tried to get the front row but every time I chose a seat that was there it came back with "this seat is unavailable" ..so not wanting to miss out I just hit 'best available'. Would have been nice to be closer down, but this'll do. Considering how absolutely crushed I was when I missed out the first time.. this has made my year!
  10. OMG I got choir tickets!!! 5 rows up but basically looking right at him when he's conducting. I could not be more excited about this!! (I did the Friends and Patrons thing as not doing that last time was what cost me my chance lol) - but seriously... £45 each to be in the perfect spot. I'm flabbergasted here. Thanks to whoever posted in here about them releasing more, because without you I would not have even known about this! THANK YOU.
  11. *goes to check viagogo or stubhub prices* damn... £350+ Why on earth didn't I pay that stupid £45 family thing?? *cries into computer*
  12. Yeah... that was my exact thought too. I was thinking "pfft, I'm not paying almost 50 quid on top! That's ridiculous. It'll be fine! I've been in the queue since 9am on the dot!" (not realising people on this board had been somehow queuing since like 8am or something) Now I'm like "WHY DIDN'T I PAY THE £45!??!??!?!!! 😭 😭 😭"
  13. I hope so. Other than here I have no idea where to look (stubhub/viagogo are selling for more than double) but I'll try to keep my eyes open between now and then. 👍🏼
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