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  1. ewwwww, don't quote that part lol
  2. Those look amazing. Would love to see prequel versions!
  3. Beautiful, thank you so much. Great job!!
  4. These are absolutely amazing. Would you by chance be able to make one for Shadows Of The Empire By Joel Mcneely? For me it belongs in the musical saga ;)
  5. Bought the cd, still holding my breath for a vinyl release. Fantastic score. I would hope maybe Powell sticks around after JW hangs his lightsaber up.
  6. It's mostly just all of the concert suites. The playlist itself changes all the time, I can never stop tinkering, but this is what it looks like at the present.
  7. I have a playlist in my itunes of the whole saga in one listen. Whipped this up for it a while back.
  8. Would love to hear this show if someone could PM me with a link to a recording. I missed this performance here in Canada. Dying to hear the LSO do the new Han & the princess theme.
  9. Thank you Heidl, Well worth the 4 month wait! These look fantastic.
  10. What are the chances he sneaks in the new Force Awakens Adagio on saturday night? and if so will anyone be able to record it? I won't be able to listen to it live unfortunately.
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