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  1. No, don't worry Thor, you cannot be affected by this, cause nobody has the e-tickets you have except you. Actually you can't sell an e-ticket you didn't buy in the first place on the RAB website. Then, if you sell your e-ticket (for whatever reason) either your are honest and sell it to one person only (which I hope was my case) either you sell it to a lot.
  2. Yes it was them, and I kind of regret I didn't search for more information at the moment but I bought my ticket on an adrenaline rush, just after failing at getting one through RAB and reading forum posts here talking about buying reseller tickets, it's here I heard about viagogo for the first time actually
  3. Thanks to you all, I didn't think about the ticket being sold numerous times, which I believe can happen, cause I got it as a pdf file through viagogo so others could have bought the same one I guess on an other reseller website and like me receive the pdf. I hope, as it's a pdf, that if the printing doesn't scan well they'll be able to scan it from my phone. And I'll arrive as early as I can to improve my chances of getting in. Thanks again for all the information details you gave me! Let's hope it'll work out and I won't be paying the flight to London to not getting in...
  4. Hello guys, i have a question to submit : Like you guys I'm a deep fan of John, and i was devastated when i couldn't buy a ticket for the RAB concert (i wasn't aware of the queuing system) For me it was the event of my life, I mean, before knewing he was giving a concert in London I had given up the idea of seeing him live one day, and now he's coming to Europe i couldn"t miss it. That's why, on the same day the concert was sold out, i bought a ticket on viagogo, knowing nothing about this website and its procedure. Then i realized reading articles about it that it wasn't a safe way of buying tickets and I wasn't sure I wouldn't even get one, and if I did, it might be fake. Nevertheless, in this case, i rather prefered take any chance I could. So I was so happy when i received an e-ticket on march 14, but i still fear that i won't get in, cause there is a warning on the ticket that says " Tickets are not transferable. Reselling your ticket will make it void. ". There is no name written on the ticket, so I think they wouldn't control everyone's ID....but what do you think guys ? Thank you so much for your answers !!! (I've been running an emotional rollercoaster lately)
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