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  1. A surprise film is only our wet dream. The routine can cause dementia. I hope not.
  2. 88 means Hail Hans! Happy Birthday!
  3. I thought it was Jarre, but I didn't know which score. Thank you
  4. Saving Private Ryan was definitely temptracked by Courage Under Fire
  5. Morricone's Oscar for The Hateful Eight/The Thing is questionable. The Academy changes the rules of the game every year. Morricone didn't deserve it.
  6. Morricone's music for sci fi movies is pretty shitty. For example: Mission to Mars...The Music does not fit there. It's hell to listen and watch.
  7. John holds the hand of Ennio's wife in front of Ennio. That's weird. Where is the legendary Italian temperament?
  8. I want to see Follow Me scene from TFA with Follow Me music from Always.
  9. Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)...for the first time. Beautiful 4 / 5
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