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  1. She looks exactly like Joseph...or maybe like Lana Wachowski. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/aspergers-syndrome/ca/beverly-hills/63749?sid=5f2ef63ce5a1a&ref=7&rec_next=21&tr=ResultsName
  2. I'm glad that JW has longevity in the family.
  3. It was really weird mistake...REALLY...btw who is camera operator or assistant for all this?
  4. I hope this is not the beginning of his dementia. Remember Ronald Reagan's speeches.
  5. When you remember more stories from Williams life, write to this topic. Thank You!
  6. Williams' the second back problems were during recording Jurassic Park or not? When he fell in the studio. I read it here on the website. I do not know where. Thanks for this. Williams' family is not on the tabloid newspaper and this is really instructive A TIME TO HEAL page on Wiki deserves an update!
  7. I'm curious about more family details. It is interesting. Thanks
  8. Just imagine: This is really Williams' working process. He sings nonsense and make noises. In this way he creates the melodies what we love so much. xD
  9. It's a common argument in the comment section on movie sites: Williams did not write music like Duel of the Fates!!! Honestly, he didn't have the opportunity, without epic duel can not be new epic music. Blame JJ for that not Williams. Blame JJ for whole sissy sequel trilogy. I would like to hear Lucas's opinion on Williams' sequel music.
  10. The audience is listening, you know. Everyone expected the new Raider's March. Williams didn't deliver it.
  11. I love this music since my first listening. JW composed music totally different from the Pirates of the Caribbean. He's a real genius. I couldn't imagine that it was possible to move away from Zimmer style. I enjoy those little resemblances with Elfman's Batman theme and The Unicorn motif and sparkle warbling from Mission Impossible in Dueling Pirates track (Expanded Score).
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