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  1. Heard the 'Altered States' score for the first time a few days ago, and I keep coming back to this track:
  2. You're missing the part where the Falcon first goes to hyperspace. Starts right after 'L3 and Millennium Falcon' with a quiet statement of the Searching theme, then moves into several variations of the Hero theme. Also you're missing the music right after Lando's Closet when the Falcon comes out of hyperspace and L3 is explaining the Maelstrom. Another bit you're missing is the Love Theme that plays on Dryden's yacht. As an aside, I love the reprise of 'Meet Han' and the statement of the love theme in 'Don't Hold Your Breath.'
  3. Also gonna note that 'secrets' and 'han (searching)' are the only themes you have under the track 'Meet Han', but the Han (Hero) theme is playing in the background at the same time as the secrets motif.
  4. You missed a version of Chewie's theme heard at the end of Good Thing You Were Listening: Also, in 'Into the Maw,' there's a bit of L3's theme:
  5. Found another statement of the coaxium riff that plays when Beckett and Han open the train: I also hear hints of it during Into the Maw.
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