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  1. Apparently post production on this was a real nightmare (including the recording of the score), so hopefully the liner notes will get into it Martin Landau once commented that Elfman was writing the score for the opening scene (a reshoot) behind the monitor as it was being shot
  2. The first Fifty Shades score is miles better than the other two
  3. I love Spider-Man 3 as Young wrote it, but the score in the movie is an utter mess Young's original themes for MJ and May are completely replaced with music by Deborah Lurie and some of Elfman's music from the first two (including music that was rejected from Spider-Man 2) Some of the Spider-Man material was written by Lurie, too, who worked directly with Raimi In any one scene, you might go between three composers' work Apparently it was Amy Pascal's decision to go back more to Elfman's material Spider-Man 2's music drama is very well known, but
  4. Here's the Deborah Lurie interview, though you have to subscribe to FSM to access it. https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/fsmonline/story.cfm?maID=879 Elfman spoke about how Raimi said that he missed him on Spider-Man 3 in an Oz interview (he had signed on to score Spider-Man 4), so I really don't think he had anything to do with 3 at all.
  5. There was an interview with Lurie for (I think) FilmScoreMonthly, and she spoke about writing that cue. She also said she didn't work with Young and worked directly with Raimi.
  6. Tyler was on AoU until the very end. He and Elfman were recording music at the same time in London. In a recent interview, Tyler was talking about how he takes great care to make sure that the music is manageable for the orchestra, but at the scoring sessions Elfman seemed to delight in making players really have to push themselves. Regardless, it was a mess all around, and all for the music to be inaudible in the movie anyway.
  7. That's his percussion quartet. His percussion concerto is now due to premiere in 2022 (along with his cello concerto and another piece for the National Youth Orchestra).
  8. Elfman plans on using Giacchino's theme. https://composer.spitfireaudio.com/en/articles/danny-elfman-on-the-evolution-of-midi-composing-ideas-on-voice-notes-tim-burton
  9. Raimi pretty much admitted to being at fault during the press for Oz.
  10. Young scored Raimi's episodes of 50 States of Fright, so they're still collaborating and on good terms. Elfman was going to score The Gift (he has a cameo at the beginning of the movie) but it ended up clashing with Proof of Life. He was asked to score Spider-Man 3 and was going to score Spider-Man 4 before it was cancelled. I think it's just a case of Raimi getting his first choice.
  11. Elfman's been prepping some solo songs over lockdown. Some of them were supposed to debut at Coachella.
  12. Grinch had a cd release a few months after the movie came out.
  13. I don't, sorry. It was an audio interview. Someone told him how much he liked Waterworld, and JNH said that he'd been listening to it recently because it was being used as a temp for a movie he was going to be scoring down the line. I think this was around the time Crimes of Grindelwald was released.
  14. Very excited about Jungle Cruise - it was largely temped with Waterworld according to JNH.
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