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  1. Yes...I know...but I still made the request the same...Sorry didn't mean to disrespect this forum rules.....but I was really curious if there was a really good quality of that CD...Once again...Sorry
  2. Hello, does anyone have this https://www.discogs.com/James-Horner-Heaven-Help-Us-In-Country/release/10578111 or https://www.discogs.com/James-Horner-Heaven-Help-Us/release/12654200, is the Score of Heaven Help Us by James Horner , it's very rare,I have a copy in MP3, but I'm looking for a higher quality perhaps in Flac (Lossless) format. Regards....
  3. Hello guys: Can you please tell me what piece of music that is in the trailer? I don't think it's from "Far and Away"??? Titanic ShoWest Trailer.flac
  4. Hello, So, yesterday I was watching Titanic Trailers on my Titanic Bluray Bonus Disc, and there's a Trailer or presentation called ShoWest. And the music used are: - Enya - Pax Deorum - John Williams - The Bigmatch (OST Far and Away) - Enya - Book of Days (OST Far and Away) - James Horner - Al Bathra (OST Courage Under Fire) But, in the transition to "The Bigmatch" to Enya- Book of Days theres a sound that i couldnt Find anywhere in Far Away OST, (I dont Know if thats a French Horn )ShoWest Trailer.flac (1:15 to 1:20 min)....Where is that piece of music,I even try to cut the track but it doesnt match.....and still in that track by John Williams - The Bigmatch (OST Far and Away) theres a part around 1:07 min to 1:12 min that doenst exist in the album (and I have a Bootleg of that OST). And I saw some older posts saying that is Alan Silvestri Music??? Help,please??? Thank You
  5. Hello, finally I have some free time....and I "return" to this thread....what do I miss??? Today, I was listen to promise kept (film mix), and I notice some kind of a choir/voice effect over a promise kept track, and it seems that is missing from this lll release. So has anyone know what I'm talking about, and what is that track. It could be from other James Horner work, like they use braveheart for teaser trailer.....well, I'm going to listen some albuns to see if it matches. Another question, the tracks that says REVISED, it's just the alternate version, right?
  6. TitanicFan2018 how do you recreate synth choir in A Promise Kept?? Do you have the sheet??? I can't find that choir anywhere...
  7. Well if some people want to "try" to make a film version edit/mix every detail is important....clearly is not just a " cymbal"...is a track merged with other that make that effect, but don't know which is
  8. I made a film mix version....and in the track Leaving Port....the film version is a mix of the Leaving Port Alternate with Southampton, but in the transition of the scene after jack and fabricio wave goodbye in the stern to the scene when the ship bow is heading toward the ocean there's an like cymbal effect that I can't recognize , with 5.1 channels is easy to listen the music , perhaps this is very confusing to understand...sorry
  9. Yes, it's the introduction with that tolling bells, I know isn't part of the score, because if it was, Iwould definitly recognize, but thanks , if anyone finds...thank you anyway. Well, I DON'T need it, like my life is depended on it... nothing is gonna happen to me, just curious, that's all....
  10. Hello, perhaps this isn't the right thread, but since is "titanic"....does anyone know what is music used in the TITANIC 3D/ Re-released (2012) trailer, what is the first one, I know the second is Southampton, and the a little bit of Leaving port and the third is Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On....but I want to know the first one. I've searched in many different sites, including Shazam and tunefind...but no results hope someone help
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