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  1. I've been thinking about SW mixing / engineering yesterday. How come it sounds so unique? What has been done differently that one time that it sounds nothing like the next 9 films?
  2. thanks This is going to be an awesome birthsday.
  3. If Williams "came out of a closet" and declared himself a woman now, he would look more like a hero to these people than because of anything he ever wrote. And he would win. That is ironic.
  4. I booked exactly two more than there is of us currently. I am all the Sith.
  5. Oh definitely we will stand up for the ovation at the end! It's the duty of every JWFanner present
  6. He already did. I haven't listened to this track for so long, that in all the excitement about Disney Trilogy themes I have forgotten just how perfect the music used to be. Every single note of Obi-wan's mellow theme, the audibly vintage sound, and the dark space horizon over the planet Tatooine in the picture are enough to have me frozen like a frame. I fear to imagine how this music will feel once Williams is gone.
  7. This spelling used to be more prevalent in his generation's youth than it is now. Consider the coolest dogfighter of his service time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_F-86_Sabre I recall seeing the phrase "light sabre" multiple times in OT-related materials / interviews.
  8. I suspect his schedules are as crazy as JW's, who never had the time to learn using a computer. Muti might like Williams' music, but he never had the time to sit and read ROTS, for example. Pity, because he is also not getting younger (78?)
  9. Muti is my favourite living conductor. His Tchaikovsky suite recordings are magisterial. He should definitely conduct Williams' music as well.
  10. Unless anything changes until tomorrow afternoon, I will try to book 14 places with a reservation starting at 18:00-18:15 (30-45 minutes after the "end" of the concert), so that we have enough time to listen to encores, get jackets, assemble, and saunter to the establishment.
  11. Phantom Awakens? Rise Clones? Last Sith? That's a cryptic, but good description of the premise of TROS!
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