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  1. BREAKING NEWS "John Williams's symphony will be a significant part of the concert of the Vienna Philharmonic!" If that were the case, Thor would fly to Vienna even if he had to do it on a bike. And if it was "A surprise premiere of John Williams's new Symphony No. 2", I think half of JWFan would start levitating like the objects around E.T..
  2. What Williams is really doing, is changing these programs so that we can imagine all those pieces played at that concert, and after we savour on them for a while---he gives us next ones. It's like a box of chocolates advent calendar. The day before the concert it will be Storia di Una Donna and Sugarland Express.
  3. But then wouldn't it be also foolish to assume one should say that it's foolish to assume anything at all?
  4. Oh yeah, indeed there is! That 10-second mystical choir moment. I am curious how are such extremely short involvements of musicians done. How do they get someone to commute to the recording place, wait, sing for 10 seconds in each of a couple of takes, and then go home. What sort of money is paid to people in such a case.
  5. I wonder how can you agree with something and at the same time imply it's a BS judgement. Sounds like a double-think to me.
  6. The situation of film music reminds me a bit of the early 1970s. Williams is somewhat comparable to Herrmann, and younger (middle-aged) composers to Goldsmith, Williams back then, E. Bernstein, etc. The idustry runs with pop, electronic music, smaller scores, etc. The question is what is foolish: to assume that the history will repeat itself, or that it will not.
  7. They changed the name of the concert When was the last time they had a concert in the Musikverein that said "Filmmusik"?
  8. I started getting a bit bored, so I took a look around... and saw lots of empty seats, and rather unhappy musicians.
  9. I find it ironic that "two men who brought you..." followed by a string of Williams themes serving as a stand-in for the feeling of the whole movies, does not mean Williams. In fact, seeing Gremlins and The Omen, I started to get excited at some previously unknown to me John & Jerry collaboration. That's obviously what "two men" most reasonably means in the context.
  10. That's a good Across the Stars. The lights around the scene, however, are extremely distracting in movements and create mood dissonances. Who thought that's a good idea---I wonder.
  11. The recording of the Battle of the Heroes ist surprisingly competitive. Tempi are great, and some elements have gained prominence that did not have it in ROTS recordings, creating interesting effects.
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