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  1. The concerts and the album are instant legendary. Legends are more than timing and tempo.
  2. You can use it simply like a youtube video. The stream is 02:08:17 length. and it will expire tomorrow at 8:00 p.m.
  3. The next John Williams concert of the hungarian orchestra (Budafoki Dohnányi Zenekar) Understandable Music COLLECTIVE MUSIC MEMORY John Williams: Star Wars on 02/05/2021 at Zeneakadémia, 1061 Budapest, Liszt F. tér 8. Tickets
  4. I was lucky to be there. As a supplement, till 54:50 you can hear some musical details with hungarian explanations, but from 54:51 are the same, but complete pieces without interpretations.
  5. I was also on both London and Vienna and I prefer Vienna because of Williams' presence
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