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  1. It is not a bullshit, it is an existing phenomenon, and it is generally, not about JW. JW, Justin Bieber... whatever... Enough to read critiques from the "high culture" or comments on BP’s facebook page. It is pop music, to play it is below rank.
  2. An good comparison is the John Williams concert with the LSO in RAH at 2018.
  3. Under FAQ - How do I get a test appointment? - is the following: You are responsible for booking an appointment yourself. We advise you to make an appointment at your preferred test centre as early as possible, as there is limited capacity at any one time. You will find all test centres certified by the state of Berlin at test-to-go.berlin. The link: https://test-to-go.berlin/?lang=en
  4. Then a quick test is also accepted by the berliner philharmonie, it was not clear to me. How long is this test valid from sampling? 48 hrs? 78 hrs?
  5. I think it's free only for German citizens, right? How long did it take for the result?
  6. Not a long time ago in a galaxy not far far away, we had a historical concert.
  7. Shall you turns on your emotional intelligence. The perfect exists. But there is no perfect without errors. Flubs, timing, tempo etc...They are scars on your kid. But is your kid, so who cares his scars? If is not your kid, why deal with it?
  8. The concerts and the album are instant legendary. Legends are more than timing and tempo.
  9. You can use it simply like a youtube video. The stream is 02:08:17 length. and it will expire tomorrow at 8:00 p.m.
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