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  1. What with all the Prague stuff, they should have gone all out and hired The City of Prague Philharmonic. It's not like they could make Giacchino's music sound any worse.
  2. How so? You can hear the horn triplets at 4:08 much better than the OST recording, the trumpet repeated notes starting at 4:33, etc.
  3. Interesting, thanks. I'll stick with the OST version for my go-to, then. There's always the superior-sounding Lockhart version for if I'd like to hear it without choir.
  4. Just curious: are you saying that the film version was supposed to have the choir, but that Mike simply wasn't able to locate the bit of recording that had it, for his Deluxe Edition rebuild? Or was the choir something that Williams only had for the OST version of the track? If Williams intended the choir to also be present in the film (before that bit was replaced with "The Love Scene"), then I'd imagine the OST version of "Night Journeys" is the more "correct" of the two versions, compositionally. Of course, when performed in concert it doesn't have the choir (like the Pops/Lockhart recording), but I always figured that was more out of practicality than because Williams had actually decided it was better without choir...?
  5. Where in that "Note" does it mention that the Amazon-manufactured product will look crappy/different from the regular one?
  6. Why does the booklet liner notes refer to a track named "To Sicily" when no such thing is on the album?
  7. So what's the difference between the regular version of "Welcome to Jurassic Park" and the film version...? Which is better?
  8. I can't get over the changes to my favorite song, "One Jump Ahead"... The bit at 0:44 for instance would have benefited greatly from NOT having that stupid drum beat and electric guitar underneath it. And, maybe having some of the cast sing actual notes every now and then would have been nice. It just sounds absolutely terrible. Compare Will Smith's "Friend Like Me" to Robin Williams'. Williams actually manages to sing the pitches of the song, while still remaining incredibly entertaining. Will Smith is not only boring, but he does this rap-esque speak-singing that is unfortunately rampant in so many of these songs as well as in today's music in general. If he wanted to switch things up later in the song that's one thing, but it would have been nice to hear him sing the actual melody properly once, at least for the people who aren't already familiar with the tunes and are trying to get a grasp on how the song goes... Also not thrilled by how the final track, "Friend Like Me (Finale)" is actually just the orchestral backing of part of the album's earlier Will Smith version. A bit deceptive to not have "(Instrumental)" instead of "(Finale)" next to the title IMO, when we're not actually getting anything new. It would have been nice to get a proper instrumental arrangement of the tune. Sadly, one listen to it and you can instantly tell the melody is missing. (Which makes it even more egregious that Will Smith didn't bother to sing the melody in the song track—without the singer, in some spots there is literally no one playing the tune!)
  9. So great to finally have a recording of "The Flight to Neverland" where those 2 trumpet eighth-notes at 1:10 are clearly audible! In all the other recordings, it's sort of muddled and tough to hear what exactly is going on.
  10. Didn't notice that, but I noticed a potential French horn wrong note at 1:01? EDIT: Never mind, just found out it's that way in a lot of re-recordings. Could be a misprint or just a different edition than the version JW recorded with the Pops.
  11. I can't believe I never noticed this before, but what's with the fart sound at 6:48 in "The Flying Sequence"? Just checked the 2000 Rhino release and it's in there, too...
  12. Thanks! What about the so-called "Lost and Found" theme I keep hearing about?
  13. I think it’s time for someone far more knowledgeable than I to do a theme catalogue/track analysis ala SW and LOTR. I still don’t know all the themes and motifs in this trilogy; there are so many!
  14. This is great; thanks for doing this. Did Powell ever also release an official list of his themes for the first two films? Has anyone here in the forum taken the time to identify all those themes? Now that the trilogy is over, it would be good to sort out all the appearances of the various themes, amongst the three scores.
  15. This is neck-and-neck with SOLO for my favorite score (I'm also counting the songs, here) of 2018. The main theme is amazing; ever since I first heard its use in the initial teaser trailer, I desperately hoped that that music would make its way into the actual movie. So obviously I was overjoyed that not only was it in the movie, but it was everywhere, not to mention that the trailer music itself was included as the track "Theme from Mary Poppins Returns." The songs are also loads better than the original, in my opinion: I re-watched the original film the night before I watched MARY POPPINS RETURNS, and the massive upgrade in quality could not have been more obvious. I find myself returning to this one regularly. And as others have pointed out, Shaiman's instrumental score is also phenomenal. All in all I agree with all the praise this score is getting, and I'm happy to see CC gave it 5 stars.
  16. Yes... And they don't sing "The Royal Doulton Music Hall" until after they've gone into the bowl...
  17. Shouldn't tracks 5 and 20 be swapped? "Into the Royal Doulton Bowl" is the music that plays before they sing the song "The Royal Doulton Music Hall"...
  18. Extremely tough with the limit of one track per score. In no particular order: “Harry’s Wondrous World” (Children’s Suite/COS version) “Main Title and Escape” “The Firebolt and End Credits Suite” “Fawkes the Phoenix” “The Reunion” Close runner-ups/favorites on a different day: “The Quidditch Match” “Page 394 and Quidditch, Third Year”/“Quidditch, Third Year” ”Dobby the House Elf” “The Fathiers” “Battle of the Heroes” “Anakin’s Dark Deeds” “Main Title and the Attack on the Jakku Village” “Anderton’s Great Escape” “Hide and Seek” “Where Dreams Are Born” “The Visitor at Himmel Street” ”Buckbeak’s Flight” “Rey’s Theme” “Love Pledge and the Arena”
  19. So is "Can You Imagine That?" And "(Underneath the) Lovely London Sky".
  20. I actually like the songs a lot better in this one than the original.
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