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    Locrius got a reaction from Wojo in 91st Annual Academy Awards Discussion Thread   
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    Locrius reacted to leeallen01 in 91st Annual Academy Awards Discussion Thread   
    The hilarious awkwardness of the Academy over-nominating Black Panther to not seem racist, yet by doing so have shown they are.
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    Locrius reacted to bollemanneke in ACROSS THE STARS - Williams / Mutter collaboration album   
    Yes, they clearly packed it full.
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    Locrius reacted to Miguel Andrade in Slatkin and The Detroit Symphony Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra dropping on Feb 8, JW's birthday (Dennis Nulty, Tuba)   
    All this releases come from live performances. Besides the ones already out and the upcoming Tuba Concerto, both the Flute and the Trumpet concerts have been performed and recorded. Hopefully, more will follow.
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    Locrius reacted to Naïve Old Fart in Horner's re-recordings of 30s and 40s swing classics   
    No source cues, but there's a cue called THE BOYS ARE OUT. Also, the Main Title from  *batteries not included  is pretty "swingy". What there is on COCOON THE RETURN I wouldn't know. As the film is complete and utter dog shite, I tend not to listen to the score.
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    Locrius reacted to Jay in Horner's re-recordings of 30s and 40s swing classics   
    How good or bad a film is had nothing to do with how good or bad a score is, Richard
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    Locrius reacted to deleted account in Mission: Impossible 7 & 8   
    I can't find the exact quote, but when Balfe was confirmed, McQuarrie made a big deal on twitter posts about the fact that he didn't bring Kraemer back because every MI film had a different director up to that point and every MI film felt different stylistically, and he wanted to maintain that  - and that was the only reason he changed composers.  So yes, if he brings back Balfe for another film, that means his excuse for not bringing back Kraemer was not true.  Because everyone knows Kraemer AND Balfe could change styles as needed from film to film - it's part of the job of being a film composer.  
    Koray, I know you love Balfe and I know you love McQuarrie and you don't like Kraemer, so I fully expect you to come up with another reason why what I'm saying is somehow not true...
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    Locrius reacted to deleted account in Mission: Impossible 7 & 8   
    well if he brings back Balfe we know all his talk about each film having a different style is bullshit
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    Locrius reacted to Richard Penna in Mary Poppins Returns - Marc Shaiman & Co   
    The Clash of the Titans one was very funny to read and would've been fine if it weren't published on a serious review site.
    The problem with his 'buy it if.... avoid if...' mentality is that if he doesn't use it to point out some significant shortcoming or strength in the score (which he often does), he instead uses it to basically say that you're an idiot or a party pooper if you don't agree with his analysis.
    I just had another look at that review, and this paragraph I think illustrates the complete disdain he has for the RCP world:
    Basically: I'm too lazy to give Djawadi the decency of a fair and objective review of what little musical value there may be here, so I'm going to make up a load of random shit about RCP instead.
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    Locrius reacted to scallenger in Mary Poppins Returns - Marc Shaiman & Co   
    I'm joining the "love" camp, for the score/songs and film. To be fair, I was never huge on Mary Poppins, even as a kid despite having seen it then (and re-watched it before seeing the new film). Sure, the original does some things better but, color me crazy, I feel like I connected with this film more. The songs and the film have several ways of tapping into depression/sadness, even the livelier ones if you pay attention, that I thought was both clever and meaningful. It definitely has some genuine heart and effort put into it above the usual "cash grab" attempts at reigniting a classic film. I'll take this any day over the BORING-looking remakes of Dumbo, Lion King, and Aladdin that all previewed before this film! At least here there was something new... and something catchy.
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    Locrius reacted to crocodile in Mary Poppins Returns - Marc Shaiman & Co   
    I watched the film yesterday without having heard any of it before. It is indeed job well done. I bought the CD right after.
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    Locrius reacted to TheUlyssesian in Mary Poppins Returns - Marc Shaiman & Co   
    An unabashed 5 star rave from CC!
    Calls its "among the masterpieces of the children's musical genre" and "pinnacle of Shaiman long career."
    As I said, I think it is quite delightful and the melodies are indeed quite good and memorable.
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    Locrius reacted to PrayodiBA in Mary Poppins Returns - Marc Shaiman & Co   
    This is a good score,
    I really like the John Williams-y (and Powell-y) sound in this score

    Especially at this particular moment in this track:
    And then its not wrong of you to expect ET theme to soar instead
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    Locrius reacted to Will in Mary Poppins Returns - Marc Shaiman & Co   
    Yeah, it has some really great moments. As I posted in another thread, my favorite cue is this -- until 0:50:
    Miranda's voice floats in with an incredible whimsicality ("Hold on tight to those you love, and maybe, soon, from up above"), and then the massive statement of Mary's theme (?) that follows it is just downright awesome. 
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    Locrius reacted to TheUlyssesian in Mary Poppins Returns - Marc Shaiman & Co   
    This is a very good score I think. I have fallen in love with the two themes below already. I think they are instantly memorable. They are both very beautiful and are very beautifully orchestrated in the score throughout. Some of the theme statements are full on John Williams level in their majesty and exhilaration.
    Here is proper old school old fashioned orchestral film music done right with beautiful and memorable long-lined melodies that you remember afterwards and leave the theater humming.
    Mary's Theme (the basis for the song - Can You Imagine That)
    Jack's Theme (the basis for the song - Lovely London Sky)
    Any other fans of this score and soundtrack?
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    Locrius reacted to Sandor in The Songs Of John Williams: which are essential?   
    I'm busy assembling a CD of the best and most memorable songs by John Williams. I've already made a cover! Which songs do you feel should be on this? And did I forget any 'big name' artists that performed or recorded a John Williams song? 

    Making the cut (UPDATED January 14, 2019):
    'If We Were In Love' - Luciano Pavarotti
    'The Same Hello, The Same Goodbye' - Barbra Streisand
    'Dream Away' - Frank Sinatra
    'Somewhere In My Memory' - Bette Midler
    'Can You Read My Mind' - Shirley Bassey
    'Moonlight' - Sting
    'For Always' - Lara Fabian and Josh Groban
    'Make Me Rainbows' - Ella Fitzgerald
    'The Long Goodbye' - Harry Connick Jr. 
    'Hold You' - Joseph Williams
    'Uno Di Qua L'Adro Di Là' - Ornella Vanoni
    'My Inamorata' - Tony Bennett
    'Nice To Be Around' - Johnny Mathis
    'How Can I Remember' - Michael Dees
    'America, The Dream Goes On' - John Denver
    'Wednesday Special' - Paul Williams
    'When You're Alone' - OST version
    'Can You Read My Mind' - Lea Salonga
    'Moonlight' - Gloria Estefan
    'Nice To Be Around' - Freddy Cole
    'Can You Read My Mind' - Maureen McGovern
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    Locrius reacted to Marian Schedenig in RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019   
    Wasn't that in fact his desire though? If I remember correctly, word was that there were negotiations, but they wanted to record in London and Williams wanted to stay in the US. Entirely unofficial info, of course, so it may be wrong, and I don't even remember who I heard it from.
  18. Confused
    Locrius reacted to Ollie in The Academy has announced the shortlist of 15 scores for best score   
    I didn’t think Solo was Oscar worthy to begin with.
    Nice to see Silvestri getting some love.
    Blavk Panther is deserving. They could have easily went the generic DCU route with it to make it a modern urban sound that relied on too many cliches. 
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    Locrius reacted to Josh500 in Top 5 John Williams film music tracks from the 21st century (so far)?   
    It surprises me that "Anderton's Great Escape" features on so many lists these days! When did that become such a hit? Many people used to think that's "JW on autopilot," whatever that means. Not that I'm complaining, I too think (always thought, actually) that that's one of JW's greatest and most thrilling action tracks....
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    Locrius reacted to TownerFan in RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019   
    Writing music for JW is like breathing and eating, so the man won’t put the pencil down until something will force him to do so. Of course I don’t expect him to write Avengers 8, Transformers 12 nor even the latest Star Wars cash-grab spin-off, but that’s another thing. Anything he will write will be something he will do for dear friends or for his own pure pleasure of composing music. 
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    Locrius reacted to Luke Skywalker in RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019   
    If he won't score indy 5 they can already cancel he film please 
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    Locrius reacted to Garloo126 in Why do people hate Rosenman's score for Star Trek IV The Voyage Home.   
    If you close your eyes and listen you would think you were listening  to a score to a Christmas movie. It didn’t fit for me. It’s wonderful and cheery and I guess a breath of fresh air after the gloom of Star Trek 3 but in my opinion it didn’t fit and it bothered me when I first heard it. 
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    Locrius reacted to King Mark in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    The problem with Williams OST"s is it takes  real fans  decades to get complete score. If he did like Howard Shore of Hans Zimmer and release a deluxe edition right away there would be no problem. Williams wants to please the general public but it never occurs to him he has  more hard core fans and never made an effort (until now because of MM) to please any of us.
    It's having to wait for Oscar FYC's, looking in videogames and DVD menus that's the real problem with Williams OST"s
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    Locrius reacted to Chen G. in How much rehearsal time does an orchestra have on Live-to-Projection concerts?   
    It doesn't, especially during the movie, where it borders on the imperceptible.
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    Locrius reacted to crocodile in How much rehearsal time does an orchestra have on Live-to-Projection concerts?   
    Contrary to what a lot of academic would tell you about its simplicity, film music is actually quite hard to play. And playing a score from start to finish in one go can be quite a challenge. 
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