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  1. Seeing as it doesn't seem like anyone here actually made a recording that they're willing to share, I'm currently editing my own from the ClassicFM stream. It's missing the last song though (Raiders) unfortunately so if anyone has a recording of it please let me know 🙂
  2. Promised I'd link to my "crappy cellphone videos" for those who'd like another listen/vantage point 🙂 and here they are! https://youtu.be/iaS2e-SeyAo Again, if anyone has a good recording of this concert, please send me a link in PM. If not then I'll be forced to just rip it from the crappy ClassicFM online stream...!
  3. Yep I missed the choir, too. I actually half hoped they might have brought one out (I noticed they left space for one) but no such luck.
  4. Thanks for the tip! It is one of my fave movies and scores, but A) I really hate going to London and B) last time I went to a movie-with-orchestra thing at the Albert Hall (it was Raiders) they had the movie audio WAAAAY too quiet, so much so that they had to put subtitles on, and it kinda ruined the experience for me. I mean, I know we were all there to hear JW's fantastic score first and foremost, but it looked like they massively under-specced the PA for the event or something because yeah, the dialogue/SFX were almost awkwardly quiet in comparison.... So I'm not sure I want to chance coming all the way to the hall again and have it be the same setup.....
  5. I would love to hear that! Can I get a link too please? I reallt enjoyed Close Encounters. I'd never heard that live before. Something about it coming in from the complete nothingness of the silence of the Albert Hall - spinechilling. There was a lot of Star Wars, not that I'm complaining, but I'd have loved to have heard something a bit newer, like Rey's theme perhaps, or some of the terrifying First Order stuff from TFA. Also, Home Alone?! Haha sorry, don't want to look a gifthorse in the mouth but it's one of my favourites and it's just SO John. .
  6. What a fantastic evening. I was all the way up in the standing gallery but we were clapping and cheering as loud as the rest. I'm honoured to think that John might have heard my clapping as a thanks for basically my entire musical upbringing!! Im going to try and find a recording of the night (either radio rip or if anyone has any better ones) but if anyone has any links please PM me as I'd love to re-live!! EDIT: I have a couple of iPhone videos from up the top that I'll add to this post once I'm off crappy airport wifi!! Thank you Dirk and GET WELL SOON JOHN!
  7. Nope, still not found a ticket. Thanks for the suggestion but Vienna is a bit too far to come, plus I have to fly out of Heathrow the morning after the London concert so it will hopefully work out perfectly, if I can get a ticket! 🤞
  8. Well firstly, I was really only offering £60 based on how cheeky this guy was being asking for £400 in the first place...! And secondly, I was sarcastically insinuating that event tickets should only be sold when unwanted, not to make profit, in which case you'd often find them listed at a little below what the original buyer paid for them. I don't think that's being unreasonable at all. And to @pepeter - I apologise for sharing our private matter publicly. I honestly just thought you were some kind of scam artist who had infiltrated this fan forum. Still, you should be ashamed for denying other fans of John the honour of seeing him live, and I genuinely hope it's eating you up inside. You'll probably find someone with more money than sense to pay you £400 or whatever you ask, but it doesn't make it any less of a crappy thing to do to your fellow JW fans, if you truly are half the fan you claim to be.
  9. Well this is fun. Trying to get a scalper lurking on these very boards to consider where their life took a wrong turn.......!
  10. It's always been a dream to see JW live, but living over in Wales I only just found out that he's going to be at the Albert Hall on October 26th and now tickets seem to be all sold out 😞 I'm going to try and see the show even if I have to come by myself, so if you hear of a spare ticket please let me know!
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