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  1. I know right? I'd be satisfied if the boston pops showed up in dallas even, with or without williams
  2. Even the trailer music to the recent star wars movies have been pretty low quality. Just "epic" renditions of williams' themes but with lots of percussion and cheap sounding rising sweep effects. People seem to like them so whatever, but it isnt professional to put a cheap demo track in the same album as a multi-million dollar music production
  3. That is oddly the same key and almost exact orchestration used in the intersection scene, if not blatantly the same thing. Never heard williams borrow something of his own so closely before. May be an intended reference?
  4. i have never seen williams not wear a turtleneck during an interview. truly a disgrace to his name
  5. has anyone seen john williams even slightly frustrated?
  6. Almost every bombastic piece of JW ends in some variation of "dun dun dun dun." I guess he really wants to let you know that the piece is done. Usually has nothing to do with the rest of the piece.
  7. both from the same clip actually 1:57-2:13 5:48-6:00
  8. Got maybe around 30 minutes into Munich. Sorry if I cannot appreciate jw and spielberg but this is perhaps the most drooling movie I have ever seen
  9. I've always had a strange fascination with this one snip from the final charge scene
  10. Thanks for your feedback! This is actually my first complete track as well, so it's really nice to get some input on it. I did notice the triplet motif in your track haha; sounds like michael kamen. The track you posted is quite nice. 4:55 sounds very ep3 immolation scene and that's definitely appreciated. I primarily used used spitfire brass, woodwind, percussion, and cinematic studio strings for the mockup. I recently picked up cinematic studio brass so I'll probably use that next time.
  11. Recently got my first scoring gig for an Indie WWII game on steam called Warfare 1944 (Not to be mistaken for the flashgame). It's got a bit of williams, korngold, and some michael kamen style mixed in. I'm working on some more tracks but this is the main theme
  12. That's nice, @Steve McQueen. The chords reminds me of minority report a bit This one is kinda a mix between JFK and Saving Ryan's Privates
  13. worked some more on the last thing i did and another thing that sounds like everything else i do For better or worse, I'm starting to notice that my writing is drastically different when using sibelius or fl studio.
  14. Is nice. What VST is that? And can you use soundcloud or something similar so we dont have to download it? i threw together a fun piece at 3 am in sibelius hence the title
  15. Mostly because of A New Beginning. Well maybe it's my second favorite against Hook
  16. I've never actually heard of Korngold until now. i think i have a new favorite
  17. Does anyone know of any composers that Williams studied or took heavy inspiration from? I know so far Stravinsky, Wagner, Howard Hanson, and probably Copland, but a lot of JW's stuff has this specific "classic" film music style that I'm having trouble pinpointing the origins of. With exceptions to his scores that took obvious inspiration due to the film's temp music or whatnot. unsure if this topic has been made before
  18. I'm baffled by this progression at the end of Lost Boys Ballet.
  19. You're right. But for a notation program, notepreformer sounds exceptional compared to the other ones available. It just takes a bit more effort to get it into the quality vst samples.
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