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  1. After the serenity, the insanity (guys, check his recording of David Newman's Sernity too, it's amazing !!)
  2. Yes i'll try my best (it's planned), if it's possible i'll do it. I have a good result here becuase the original material is very good (directly recorded on PBS by a friend of mine with a DVD recorder in 2002/2003, but i'll be unable to have something better in term of audio, i remember there was a sound issue on it, don't know if it's on the whole show or only this tune, unfortunatly someone told it to me only many years later after i posted it (i almost never listened unfortunatly any of the videos or concert i posted, except the ones i recorded or got before may 1995.). So with french hor
  3. I had the chance to see it live played for the first time at the Oscars, i had goosebumps litterally when i listened to it, it was 4 or 5am.. it was the year where he conducted it , so it's 2002 if my memory is correct (and this concert of the boston pops is from 2002).
  4. I think it's maybe Pope orchestration, but williams arrangement ! that what's written on the signature edition : https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/tribute-to-the-film-composer-sheet-music/20655021?aff_id=15025
  5. some of my materials are in widescreen but recorded in 4/3 (so no issue with them) but most of them are very old material, and are unfortunatly in 4/3 like this one. I re-edit EACH shot to try to have the best for it, but sometimes, it's not possible to have everybody well cropped so decision must be taken. so, yes it's cropped. i'm not the best at that, even if i spend my life to edit video for my musical channel (maybe some of you know it because I did some john williams cover with french horn player marc papeghin). the issue is the big TV logo on the right low corner, so i just tried
  6. Hello There, some of you maybe know my youtube channel martyprod2 where i posted around 80 Tv pro video of john wlliams conducting all kind of stuff, including his own music (or not). Some parts of my collections come from myself, and some from someone very nice from here.. I Just started to remaster each video one by one in Full HD, Widescreen, pictures improved upscaled and cleaned, colors eventually reworked and a bit of new color gradding, and sound normalized (my hearing illness actually forbidd me to do more than that for now). I take this opportunity to post the stuff
  7. oh, so it's not a limited edition ? we can wait a bit ! thanks !
  8. Is the Bluray version with the "Full Concert" a limited edition ? Best is to order now, or we can wait a bit (the release date) ?
  9. In regards of who voted and how, it seems that women don't find our Johnny sexy enough .... ? Come on !! he's the most sexy person on the planet !!
  10. Miguel (who is on this forum and provided me some of the clips i posted from JW on my channel (but not these ones) tell here that it's from 1992. http://www.grandorchestras.com/bostonpops/video/bpops_evening92legrand.html
  11. As promised here are the tunes 2, 3 and 4 of John Williams conducting Michel Legrand and tony bennett on vocals. I tried my best, as I posted this without checking the audio of it (hearing issues) so i hope they are ok. if there is an issue, please let me know. the video is of course not in HD but I uploaded it in HD to force youtube to encode the Audio track in the highest quality possible. As said, Couldn't hear the audio, but I know that on the first song, if my memory is correct, they play one of the tune from the parapluies de cherbourg, so if someone here can tell me and identify th
  12. I have been very lucky to have recorded this video in 1997/1998 i think (not sure) on My VCR. Back then , the onyx german channel was posting some of the boston pops show kind of in "loop" mode, but unfortunatly didn't posted all of them. they did 4 tunes on this concert but the 3 other tunes that i tried to post at the same time have been removed by youtube. certainly because of the third guest, tonny benett. i'll try to repost ithem again, hoping that youtube will not block the videos this time. I studied Jazz piano 24 years ago with one of Legrand's session Pianist. It wa
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