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  1. Is the Bluray version with the "Full Concert" a limited edition ? Best is to order now, or we can wait a bit (the release date) ?
  2. In regards of who voted and how, it seems that women don't find our Johnny sexy enough .... ? Come on !! he's the most sexy person on the planet !!
  3. Miguel (who is on this forum and provided me some of the clips i posted from JW on my channel (but not these ones) tell here that it's from 1992. http://www.grandorchestras.com/bostonpops/video/bpops_evening92legrand.html
  4. As promised here are the tunes 2, 3 and 4 of John Williams conducting Michel Legrand and tony bennett on vocals. I tried my best, as I posted this without checking the audio of it (hearing issues) so i hope they are ok. if there is an issue, please let me know. the video is of course not in HD but I uploaded it in HD to force youtube to encode the Audio track in the highest quality possible. As said, Couldn't hear the audio, but I know that on the first song, if my memory is correct, they play one of the tune from the parapluies de cherbourg, so if someone here can tell me and identify th
  5. I have been very lucky to have recorded this video in 1997/1998 i think (not sure) on My VCR. Back then , the onyx german channel was posting some of the boston pops show kind of in "loop" mode, but unfortunatly didn't posted all of them. they did 4 tunes on this concert but the 3 other tunes that i tried to post at the same time have been removed by youtube. certainly because of the third guest, tonny benett. i'll try to repost ithem again, hoping that youtube will not block the videos this time. I studied Jazz piano 24 years ago with one of Legrand's session Pianist. It wa
  6. Wow ! Thank you !!! the Blue Thunder one is my little baby Glad to see some enjoying it ! Thank you ! !
  7. Wow, sometimes the memory is weird !! yes, it was Patrice !! i saw rachel Z with steps head few years later (for the NYC tour, Michael brecker already left the band before) wow, first time i see a video of the wayne / santana tour !! thank you !! weird anecdote ! (lol). before the stage entrace of this concert, the roadies and other technicians was making the stage ready. it's a jazz festival, and bands were playing after each other on the stage, so in one afternoon, we were seeing 4 to 5 different band on the same stage. and then, there is someone who come on the stage, and
  8. Wow, your story give me tears !!! what a beautiful present !! i have so many funny but sad anecdote to tell.(like the one on wayne's concert and the TWA). one of the funny one is for my meeting with steve lukather, i offered to him a Led Zepplein Tshirt for his 2 years old daughter lol. (she's now 12 years old). (took 3 weeks to find it for a 2 years old girl ahaha.). A sad souvenir is unfortunatly related to wayne shorter. I saw Wayne 3 times ! (I'm actually working on a cover of a tune that he played on, "Judy" by Michael landau's Tales from the bulge, hi
  9. if you visit my website on the homepage, you'll find a tune i did with Weckl, Will Lee and Eric Marienthal. I contacted patitucci too to have him as a guest on my Jazz album, but healt and time schedule made the fact it didn't happened :(. I saw Vinnie Twice, he's (of course) one of my favorite drummer ! saw him in 1993 on the Sketchbook patitucci Tour (with steve tavaglione and john beasley, i took a lot of pictures of this concert), and i met vinnie backstage. the meeting is pretty hilarious... i'm certainly one of the very few fan on earth to have backstage a picture
  10. Both ! Saw Elektric band II in 1994, shaked the hand of Alain caron while leaving the hall (ahah),. I met the band a firs time in 1988 during the light years tour for a short autograph session but the real meeting was in 1992 for the beneath the mask tour (Jimmy earl on this tour, patitucci left to join Wayne Shorter band). this night the concert's production run out of limo and cars for the Band Member's, and they asked one of my family member, who was part of the production team and was friend / musician of jean luc ponty in the 60's, to "grab" chick and his wife at the h
  11. speaking about it, i saw or met some of the most known Jazz artist in the world including as well miles davis, which is limo almost killed me lol. I met in private Toto's Guitar player, Steve Lukather to invite him to join me on a musical project. I recorded and worked with some amazing musicians, including John JR Robinson (drummer of "Off the wall), Michael Landau (most "recorded" guitar player in the world), Gregg Bissonette, and many others. A friend of mine (professional drummer) (don't know how to write this in english lol) shared the bathroom with Al di meola lol
  12. I have been best friend since we' were a kid, with a guy who became around ten years ago, a Golden Globe Jury's Member and Organisator. Last nice words we shared the last time we saw / speak each other (2011) was stuff like a*****, c***, j**, go f** ****** and some other very nice words in the french dictionnary. I did the website of the official fan club of a famous Jazz singer and actress (Well not famous anymore) who had her "oprah" famous moment as she had 2 albums produced by producer david Foster. After a (crazy) issue with her (crazy) paranoïd Fan club "owner",
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