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  1. not john related, but Williams related 😂 I just posted on the channel a remastering in 1080p / 60 fps of Save the Best for Last from singer / actress Vanessa Williams (conducted by Keith Lockhart with the boston pops). (posted earlier there is as well the tune sung before, colors of the wind (from Pocahontas / Alan Menken, the single version, not the "in the movie" version).
  2. sometimes it's unfortunate... I saw the boston pops show you're talking about but certainly couldn't record it (because no free tape this day certainly). the VCR i had back then was horrible, and when i got a better one, the onyx channel where i was recording them was not there anymore or it was not displaying any JW stuff anymore (not sure, i don't remember it was 25 years ago).but I clearly remember seeing the one with linda and Mrs Clooney... someone posted the whole show on youtube. if you can try to put your hand on an mpeg /dvd file of the linda one (or with the autorisation of the one who own it / posted it), I can give it a try and put one tune at the top of the list but i'm not fast, and can't do all the tunes in one go, because i want to do other stuff first. I just finished the For Always one, must post it !! If i have the opportunity to have others show, why not, but i'll not take the videos from youtube without the autorisation of the person who posted it. and i would like an access to the source, most people post their material de-interlaced or badly done.b Bcause of this , the result is worst and make the restauration Ai algorythm difficult. That was the mistake i did with ALL my videos, that's why i'm re doing them all. some of them are so bad that it's impossible to do anything correct with it (or at least, it's not in my capacity ! (i'm not that great at this unfortunatly). but for sure, the home alone ones (at least from the material i have) will be impossible to do something correct. I'm trying to work on the indy's first adventure, my source is horrible. maybe i'll use the original movie to replace the parts where the movie is show on the screen in front of JW (lol). maybe some of you know a way to have access to a better source ? Edit : Just checked must redo the whole For Always one Da*n... Little Preview.. the redone one will be better (with more details)
  3. Hello, The Materials i own where williams conducts starwars are old and/ore pretty bad, except one , that I had to remove 13 years ago due to copyright issue but can try to repost it as lot changed about ID content with youtube since then. it's a recording during the academy awards, where james horner play titanic and williams follow with star wars just after. So I prefer for now concentrate on the 2 bostons pops recording that could have recorded direct from digital TV to a DVD recorder (like call of champions, salute etc), because it's much easier to do when the source is good. (on this one there is harry woundrous world, harry potter suite, for always etc..).. I started to work on indy's first adventure, where williams conduct it in front of the movie, and it's not easy to make it looking good. the interviews with previn are long (around one hour and more) and it take a long time to process and de interlace. i had to give up to some, like one about return of the jedi, filmed by ABC or CBS on tv. :(. the steps to follow will be certainly not "star wars first" but the easier to do first with the best picture at the source, and the worst one at the end (like the salute to williams when he left the boston pops for example, don't know if there is a better material than the one i have.)..
  4. Hello, forgot to come here to advertise i posted an another remastered John Williams Video. As some maybe noticed on @Marc recent post about his cover of Theme from Sabrina, I did the remastering of the video he used. (I think it's miguel who gave me the original material 15 years ago, so thanks to him !). so Where is "Theme from Sabrina" Remastered. During the remasterisation process, a technical issue surfaced that I only noticed recently. Unfortunatly the "solution" slowed a LOT the process to do all these remasterisations because my computer is not powerful enough. The "issue" is very present on "Theme from Sabrina" or any old analog material. It's everywhere on the picture. Getting ride of it take times (money too.., it needs some specific software). Meanwhile, you can enjoy the amazing version of Marc, the original one still available or Call of Champions below where the issue is hardly noticeable. I changed a bit the overall colors because the one from the original recording were awful. Here it is :
  5. My favorite williams piece, and my new favorite marc video !!!
  6. What about the non golden era ? lol... Home on the range (ahhh, Cows !!! ) , and Tangled ? and the worst of them all... the film version of beauty and the beast and Aladdin 🙈(ears (eyes too lol) starting to bleed again..)
  7. ah ah, didn't know that lol. we'll see. i have enough materiel anyway for now to provide, unless i have a new graphic card, i'll not be able to post often. but it will maybe change soon.
  8. you're welcome and thanks for keeping this community / website alive ! check my whole channel if you didn't, i put everything i could put my hand on from Tv (the concert above, a friend of mine recorded it on PBS in 2002) that's why the picture is so good, he recorded it from digital tv on a DVR back then. it's not the case of all the materials i have unfortunatly. part of them are stuff i recorded myself on german channel Onyx through satellite and through trade and collection through Jwfan, lot of stuff come from someone here, thanks to him ! Not sure i'll succed to remaster as good the other materials, because the original source is important. A video i posted before, showing live JW conducting the indiana jones III first adventure in sync with the movie has been blocked by youtube unfortunatly the picture is not that great. i'll certainly have to modify the video to "bypass" the block of the video by youtube at some point. I'll "see". I could remaster other stuff by downloading them from youtube, but it's not very fair to the original poster, i hate when people do it from my channel (the channel is not monetized at all), until people here want to send me their materials, or if someone has posted somewhere a JW material that i don't have, allow it to me, and i'll try to do an upscale one of this day. There is specially one which posted a material i have, the japan tour with the Boston pops orchestra, that he has in a much better quality than mine. if he's on this thread or this channel, would be great if he can contact me and allow me to do the remaster. The next one will be certainly adventure on Earth, the upscalling is done, i have to do the widescreen conversion now..
  9. Salut You're welcome, hope to post some more soon ! thanks for your comment, it made my day too (I'mgoing through a pretty bad one so it help to know i didn't do this for nothing ).
  10. Hello there, after one year and a half, i could do a third one !! here it is ! hope to do more soon !
  11. 3 suggestions : - This new "Youth again" medication, which had side effects juste before the london concert is finallly working very well !!... - Clearly the Photograph who took this picture and tagged it at gettyimages doesn't know who John Williams is - 1st april is in advance this year, Global warning at fault certainly ...
  12. After the serenity, the insanity (guys, check his recording of David Newman's Sernity too, it's amazing !!)
  13. Yes i'll try my best (it's planned), if it's possible i'll do it. I have a good result here becuase the original material is very good (directly recorded on PBS by a friend of mine with a DVD recorder in 2002/2003, but i'll be unable to have something better in term of audio, i remember there was a sound issue on it, don't know if it's on the whole show or only this tune, unfortunatly someone told it to me only many years later after i posted it (i almost never listened unfortunatly any of the videos or concert i posted, except the ones i recorded or got before may 1995.). So with french horn player Marc Papeghin we tried at best to reduce the sound issue and i resent a new material. i'm not sure i'll be able to do better (in audio) of what it's already available. We'll See, i got new Mastering and audio separating audio track software, so we'll see.
  14. I had the chance to see it live played for the first time at the Oscars, i had goosebumps litterally when i listened to it, it was 4 or 5am.. it was the year where he conducted it , so it's 2002 if my memory is correct (and this concert of the boston pops is from 2002).
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