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  1. Yeah I've just seen. Unfortunately it's too much money on there. Why do I have to live in the UK?!😭
  2. You also have to add duty tax on top of the shipping for many of us outside of the US. It's one of the reasons I'm against buying it unless someone is willing to bring it in their suitcase with them next time they visit London. *Sigh* 😢
  3. No women? And yet here I am.😊 Anyone from London? I really want to order this but I'm concerned about the duty tax + shipping that will be added? 😢😭 If anyone is coming to London soon and is happy to carry it in their suitcase here, I would be most grateful!
  4. Anyone visiting London, UK in December who could bring me this from the US in their suitcase?! I'm just thinking about the price + shipping + custom taxes and I'm not feeling as excited anymore.😂😢
  5. London but the tickets are averaging roughly around £100. Plus I have to pay for accommodation, food, other transport AND the ticket. I'm a student so my funds are very limited unfortunately. 😢
  6. Would have been great if flights weren't costly at that time.
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