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  1. John Williams' Superman - I really like Leaving Home, The Planet Kyrpton, March of the Villains and also [of course] the main title theme.
  2. The Planets is the classical work I am most familiar with and I found this article that actually picks the best recordings by each movement, which I don't like because I prefer one good recording with one orchestra and one conductor to listen to at a time. All the same it shows some other recordings that are out there (I.e. Boult, Rattle, etc) and to check out. http://www.classical-music.com/article/best-recordings-holsts-planets I think I will listen to this one the next time. Thanks.
  3. I liked this movie and the soundtrack, I own it, is also great.
  4. Whiplash-Justin Hurwitz La La Land: Complete Musical Experience-Justin Hurwitz First Man- Justin Hurwitz Three really good score.
  5. Because the movie is coming out soon do we know the tracklist for the soundtrack album?
  6. Very sad news. I hope they can restore it one day and that everyone is safe.
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