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  1. John Williams' Superman - I really like Leaving Home, The Planet Kyrpton, March of the Villains and also [of course] the main title theme.
  2. The Planets is the classical work I am most familiar with and I found this article that actually picks the best recordings by each movement, which I don't like because I prefer one good recording with one orchestra and one conductor to listen to at a time. All the same it shows some other recordings that are out there (I.e. Boult, Rattle, etc) and to check out. http://www.classical-music.com/article/best-recordings-holsts-planets I think I will listen to this one the next time. Thanks.
  3. I liked this movie and the soundtrack, I own it, is also great.
  4. Whiplash-Justin Hurwitz La La Land: Complete Musical Experience-Justin Hurwitz First Man- Justin Hurwitz Three really good score.
  5. Because the movie is coming out soon do we know the tracklist for the soundtrack album?
  6. Very sad news. I hope they can restore it one day and that everyone is safe.
  7. First Man by Justin Hurwitz This has a very nice main theme, and some other good thematic material as well, but there is quite a few tracks of droning noises. Of course, I hope it wins plenty of awards. Hurwitz has such a bright future, and the his current work is still great to make due with for now.
  8. @JTWfan77, @heidl and @The Illustrious Jerry I love your artwork (both digital and drawn)! Thanks so much for sharing. You are talented!
  9. Hello! I am a huge fan of Justin Hurwitz. Anyone else? What is your favourite score or favourite moments that he has composed. La La Land is my favourite. First Man was very good too. Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench is also great. I do not listen to Whiplash too much. What about you?
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