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  1. First JW album I bought <3 Oh, the memories! Used almost every track for my home made movies back in the early 2000s
  2. I love every Shyamalan score you mentioned (never listened to Last Airbender and After Earth). Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village and Lady in the Water all have incredible soundtracks in my opinion. I don't listen to The Happening that much, but it has its moments
  3. I also re-listened to Gladiator by Hans Zimmer. Still pretty good. I don't like Zimmer, but this score has a special place in my memories.
  4. Every single time the credits roll and the music rises, I get chills.
  5. Jurassic Park III — Don Davis (complete) I remember despising this soundtrack when I was a kid, probably because it was not by JW. I recently realized it's not half bad. It's pretty good, actually. Returned to this after re-listening to Davis' Matrix complete scores, 'cause I love how he orchestrates brass, and his work in this score is a nice and respectful addition to the JW/JP soundtracks.
  6. Steve Jobs — Daniel Pemberton I'm currently reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, so this is a perfect fit. Plus, I liked the movie a lot. Then again, I like anything with Aaron Sorkin involved. I'm not sure how I feel about this soundtrack. The electronic underscore is really cool, the ambient vibe of the Lisa-related cues is quite emotional, but I really don't like the orchestral track Revenge. A lot of people say that scene is one of the best scenes ever, and it really is well-written, but I find the soundtrack to be really distracting, especially 'cause it's supposed to underscore a really dense dialogue.
  7. Plus, the harpsichord motif does not appear during the confrontation in the Shrieking Shack, so Williams probably didn't associate it with Pettigrew. Anyway, I still enjoyed this video: I hadn't thought about that motif being related to family, so it was cool to analyze it through a different lens. I kinda prefer the Art of the Score take on this, though (in which Pettigrew's theme is the "reversed" Sirius brass statement).
  8. Quake (1996) - Nine Inch Nails One of the creepiest soundtracks I've ever listened to, and I keep returning to it even if it's not my favorite game score. If you're wondering which one is, it's Martin Stig Andersen's Limbo.
  9. Here I am, nosediving into TN again. Loved this track since the first time I saw this movie. And, oh, good ol' Dario. Funny thing is, he's from Pisa, which is like a 40 minutes drive from where I live, and also where I went to university.
  10. While I do like some of his Bond tracks (Severine, Madeleine, Donna Lucia), I can't help but agree. I liked Bridge of Spies and Saving Mr. Banks a lot, but I yawned while listening to The Highwaymen and his work for Castle Rock. I expected to like his score for Finding Dory a lot more, but it was just… there.
  11. Agreed. It's a really powerful score, and this theme is hauntingly beautiful. I must say I quite miss 90s/00s Thomas Newman.
  12. The Green Mile (Thomas Newman) This used to be my favorite back in the mid '00s: now I realize I'm not a big fan of the mouse-related cues (they're not bad, I just get bored and skip most of them), and I still don't like The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix: I love Thomas Newman, but I don't think I've ever heard him nail big orchestral/percussive action-y cues. Anyways, this is a pretty great score, and I absolutely adore all the weird textures, sounds and layers spread throughout. This track is still awesome as heck.
  13. Great sound! This is really nice to hear. What instruments did you use?
  14. Thanks a ton folks! @Naïve Old Fart @Incanus @The Illustrious Jerry (Sorry for the delay, my internet connection decided not to work for a week )
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