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  1. What a gorgeous score. Thank you so much for this, I'm listening to it all day!
  2. Johnny Klimek, Tom Tykwer — The Matrix Resurrections A couple of motifs are rather memorable (My Dream Ended Here and Recruiting), and the whole updated/remixed/processed style somewhat works for this movie, but it feels a bit too Zimmer-y and I zone out after a while. Man. I miss Don Davis.
  3. I honestly can't wait for the full score presentation, it's the best end-of-the-year gift! Oh, and speaking of Family Portrait… @Potter Scoring Project … I tried tracking it over the '19 years later' epilogue and it's almost perfect (it even has the same length if you start the cue right when Leaving Hogwarts starts in the original scene); granted, it's a lot more subdued, but with a few tweaks and a crescendo at the end, it could be quite an emotional ending!
  4. Gotta love this "prequel" to HP2 Follow the Spiders, though (1:44)
  5. They'll probably release a CD single containing the only two important holy grails: Discussing Black (Shawm Version) and the original Remembering Mother. BONUS: Enhanced CD with a 144p Quicktime HP trailer
  6. I totally get it, and I truly wish you get the recognition you deserve. I was actually listening to the "real" score for HP5 and grinned when I realize I was expecting some of your themes to appear! You've done it I even tried to rip my HP DVDs surround sound to get rid of the score and replace it with yours, but unfortunately the score is in every channel! Anyway the Horcruxes scene was really well done (I love the two-chords COS motif)! P.S: This is unrelated, but I hope the gorgeous opening of Family Portrait will make its appearance somewhere, those chords give me chills every time! I'm also looking forward to listening to the new and improved GOF!
  7. Same here! I remember humming that melody over and over again just so I could try and play it on the piano: when I finally made it, it was a huge deal for me haha
  8. I misread "one that is a huge hip hop fan", and for some reason that made me laugh like a moron. I think it's the part in which Harry speaks Parseltongue and everyone thinks he's telling the snake to hurt Justin Finch-Fletchley: the underscore is a lot similar to the JP unused Goat Bait cue!
  9. I just stumbled on this thread so only listened to the last cues and boy was I impressed by the sound quality. I also compose scores for independent short and feature films, and I always struggle when it comes to making virtual orchestral instruments sound, well… not fake as heck @superultramegaa nice intricate JW orchestrations, plus your choir in the second track caught me offguard, I got quite scared haha! And @karelm I really got the Guardians vibe, it kinda reminded me of the best Zimmer-y tight and modern orchestral textures (Wallfisch's Shazam for instance)
  10. After I got the expanded edition(s), I cannot listen to the OST albums anymore! I only listen to these chronological & continuous badboys I made
  11. Re-re-re-re-listened to your version of GOF and OOTP these days, and I'm becoming more and more "well-versed" in your new themes, so now they feel like they are part of the rich tapestry Williams created for HP. Can't wait to listen to the full HBP score, and to what you have in store for the upcoming movies! Solid work, you definitely deserve to be supported more, with a Patreon or something PS: I just wanted to ask, how do you re-orchestrate JW's material so accurately? Do you have the full orchestral sheet music for the first HP movies?
  12. I had the same feeling! I remember it was like November 2001, I was 15, and the movie wasn't out yet, but I couldn't wait, 'cause I already was a fan of the books. I was with my parents and we decided to go into a record store: when I saw the OST CD, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was a Spielberg fan so I knew who John Williams was - plus I already had the Greatest Hits 1969-1999 CD - but I had no idea he composed the score for HP1, so I immediately took it, and it was the first soundtrack I've ever bought. When I listened to the first notes of Prologue, I remember thinking it was perfect, and to me it felt like something already iconic, even before I saw the movie. It was actually really cool to listen to the music before having seen a single trailer (it was an Enhanced CD, so the first time I watched anything remotely official was when I put it into my computer and opened a truly bad Quicktime file). That album accompanied me for years, I listened to it while doing my homework and used the scariest cues to score my home made horror short I shot with my friends, so now every time I hear anything from that first HP score, I instantly feel warmth and think about my childhood. After watching the movie all over again, I was disappointed to realize many cues were not in the CD: at first I tought they weren't written by Williams, then I understood how soundtrack album worked (and I had an even bigger disappointment with the HP2 and HP3 OST CDs), and I started hoping someday the complete scores would be released, so of course you can imagine I was insanely happy when I learned LLL was about to release the 7CD Collection, and now the expanded Philosopher's Stone is probably my most listened soundtrack.
  13. Bennett Salvay, "Jeepers Creepers" (2001) Spooktober begins! The director of this movie is not a nice human being, but I have a soft spot for this horror flick. Its old school, slithering original score always got under my skin, so I decided to give the full album a listen, and I must say, even if it's nothing innovative, it does its job and it does it well. God, I miss raw, simple, orchestral soundtracks.
  14. I absolutely love the chamber theme (yayyyy the Petrified Colin alternate!) so I'm super happy to hear it again; one of my favorite rework you guys did of it is in HP5 after the discussion with Sirius. Also, I played the Ministry cue like 48 times on a loop: those A.I./MinorityReport textures are *chef's kiss*
  15. Hadn't check your progress with HPB in a while and boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. You're doing an insane job, (sorting) hats off to you!
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