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  1. Lately I've been obsessing over the soundtrack for the movie The Vast of Night. Unfortunately, there's still no official release. It's really good, though, it's eerie, rarefied. I want it to be released so I can play it in a loop and be transported to 1950s New Mexico, searching for flying saucers that may or may not be hovering behind the clouds. It's a mix of ethnic songs, rockabilly tunes, and some really simple yet effective strings pieces like this one: Or both sad and haunting cues like this one: And even some Gustav H
  2. Re-re-re-listened to Don Davis' complete Jurassic Park III score. It's pretty solid. It's like JW on crack. I need more Don Davis' badass horns in my life.
  3. That's so cool! I will definitely dive into your blog, since I'm both a rookie Blender user and hopelessly obsessing over the changing designs of Hogwarts in the movies. Thanks for that!
  4. My heart skipped. Can't wait for the full album version of OOTP, and for whatever you have in store for us! Great, great work! Same here, unfortunately. They could probably only record their fully original themes (which would be really cool nonetheless!)
  5. I get what you mean: I prefer his more "filmic" work. I find Morceau Subrosa quite relaxing, and the orchestral parts in These Hopeful Machines definitely made me happy! I'm not that into trance music, unfortunately: but yeah, you can tell he knows his stuff. As for the Brian with an "i"… weird, on wikipedia it was written as Bryan, which I found weird: but soon enough I realized it was an error in the Italian page.
  6. It's so weird, I rewatched the whole saga recently and had a ton of fun, but when I watched the first movie I immediately noticed something going on in the music (between all the needledrops haha) He's mostly known as BT in the trance/electronic music scene, but he actually has a classical background, so I was very curious to hear his orchestral work for this!
  7. Bryan Transeau (BT) - The Fast and the Furious - Complete Principal Score (2001) For such a testosterone-filled, goofy movie, the score multi-instrumentalist and DJ Bryan Transeau composed is oddly epic, atmospheric, with unsettling chord progressions and a 70-piece orchestra using wrecked car pieces as percussions. It's a shame the rest of the Fast Saga has such boring, copy-paste action movie soundtracks: this really surprised me.
  8. Oh god yes. That would be amazing, and I have a feeling that not a lot of people would notice it's not written by good ol' JW, original themes flow so well into the ones Williams wrote, and vice versa.
  9. Whoa, you did such an amazing job. I can't get enough of this, I can't wait to listen to the full album! I obviously already downloaded Goblet
  10. Gosh it's been awhile since I logged in JWFan. Thanks to Covid, it's been a weird spooky season. But this helped. (I don't even know if the complete score is available anywhere)
  11. 49627311_2243434302601320_5414331263345491968_n.mp4 I was listening to the POA complete score today (for the billionth time), and I remembered when I saw HP3 live a while ago, in Milan. Shawm Confirmed :'(
  12. Well I'm sure with a few tweaks and cool plugins results may be really satisfactory… the midi mockups they made already flow pretty well into the original cues!
  13. 1917, Thomas Newman. Saw the movie for the first time yesterday... Wow. Mendes, Deakins and Newman at the top of their game. I already gave the score a listen before, but it didn't stick with me: after watching the movie I fell in love with it. I rearranged all the Spotify tracks in chronological order, obviously.
  14. That's great news! Even in mockup form, it's something I'd listen to with a smile on my face... it's a nice "what if" score! Would love to hear it with a less "midi" sound, but I imagine it would be quite hard to do even with fancy plugins. (well, if you're planning to record it with a real orchestra, I might faint)
  15. Great stuff as always @Ravendor Studios, the frustrated Hermione motif works really well when she collapses on the stairs! As for the other HP movies, I've nothing against them: I'm just not a fan of Yates' direction, it feels a bit soulless to me, especially in the fifth. HP6 and 7.1 are on point though. Didn't like 7.2 that much when I first saw it, and I must admit I still feel a bit underwhelmed when I rewatch it. Speaking of the non-JW soundtracks, Doyle surely made the most memorable one; Hooper's Phoenix score to me is not that great, while I think the Half-Blood Prince one works
  16. This. Is. Perfect. I would love to watch the full movie with your music properly mixed in!
  17. YES! Thank you! Every Ravendor Studios notification is a good notification
  18. I'm locked in my house as well, so these new cues are exactly what I needed! Would love to hear a real orchestra play what you composed, it's so good. I've noticed you didn't score the scene with Harry and Ron fighting: was this a deliberate choice?
  19. I'm basically locked up in my house here in Italy because of the coronavirus, so I definitely need cheerful music: I recently listened to the original Toy Story album, and I loved it. My question is: what's the difference between that old version and the 2015 Legacy Edition? Apart from the additional demos, is it just the same as the original album but chronological and with separate cues, or does it have more material?
  20. Sorry @bollemanneke, I forgot to clarify what was in the (pretty silly) screenshot Anyway, I've just recently listened to the full 25th anniversary release, and I'm not exactly sure what is missing from the presentation, but I must say I liked it a lot: everytime I listened to the OST tracklist I had to check if I accidentally put the same track on repeat.
  21. I was watching the score reduction & analysis for We Slept In on YouTube. I'm actually disappointed this cue is not on the complete presentation.
  22. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Danny Elfman (25th Anniversary Complete Edition) Can't help it. I absolutely adore this one: it brings back tons of great memories from my childhood, plus DIES IRÆ OVERLOAD
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