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    Brando reacted to LB Makes Stuff in THE ACOLYTE - 2024 Star Wars TV   
    The show is by no means a masterpiece, but man, some people are really blowing this out of the water. If you don't like it, then don't watch it anymore. Easy as that. I guess the only issue in doing that would be getting less clicks on YouTube or whatever.
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    Brando reacted to ocelot in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    Not speculation but as others have said and they are right, if I cannot say everything, why say anything, I apologize. I just know how I would be if I didn't know so I was attempting to say it's more than is thought of on here, but that's where I then step in it. Sorry. I will not say anymore xox
    Agreed, my apologies.
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    Brando reacted to Davis in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    If JW wants the public to know anything about his health, he will let his agent know.
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    Brando reacted to mrbellamy in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    This is why it's frankly better not to say anything if you can't say anything. 
    I'd like him to share with us what he doesn't know for sure rather than keep hinting at what he apparently does. 
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    Brando reacted to Bayesian in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    I’m confident all will be well with JW and his remaining concert schedule will proceed as planned. The man’s got good genes (as evidenced by his long-lived mother, at least) and proximal access to the some of the best care available in the country (by way of UCLA). His PR team going out of its way to state that he’s expected to make a full recovery may be just spin, but the preponderance of evidence suggests it could also be actually true. So, yes, I remain confident all will be well, and come end of February I will be engaged in a desperate no-holds-barred fight to secure tickets to JW/BPO. 
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    Brando reacted to Ollie in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    Unfortunately we all know the day is going to come when Williams is no longer with us. 
    Let’s enjoy the fact that he is still with us and as mentioned in a previous post, keep him in your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. 
    I would also encourage and say, people should continue to do things that they enjoy as long as they are physically and mentally able to do so.
    Don’t live your golden years stuck inside because of other issues. Take precautions to stay healthy but don’t shutter your life. 
    I watched my vibrant 80+ year old mother become a shell of herself when she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and just gave up when she had several good years ahead of her to still enjoy what she loved. 
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    Brando reacted to BB-8 in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    Just thinking, he may also not show up at the Disney Legend ceremony in person.
    There is also the positive example of Herbert Blomstedt who had a fall last year and is now back on the podium at 96, turning 97 next month, with concerts scheduled for 2024 through 2025, including Berlin Phil.
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    Brando got a reaction from Smeltington in The Empire Strikes Back   
    Such a senseless killing😤
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    Brando reacted to Manakin Skywalker in THE ACOLYTE - 2024 Star Wars TV   
    Yeah I was about to say, there wasn't really anything that altered the universe in any way. Nightsisters have been a thing in canon for a long time.
    Just YouTube clickbaiters trying to grab views for cash like usual.
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    Brando reacted to Gabriel Bezerra in THE ACOLYTE - 2024 Star Wars TV   
    So what exactly was canon-breaking and universe-shattering in this episode? Witches? That look at the Force in a different way (a more proactive one)? Yeah, that's nothing new, in fact I think it's redundant since the Witches of Dathomir are basically the same thing, but this new group is different enough to make it interesting.
    Or was it the immaculate conception? The ability to manipulate the midichlorians to create... life? Some say it is unnatural, there's obviously something sinister in the way they were created, and since everyone died, there's no reason this would be canon-breaking.
    As for the episode itself, it remained interesting, and seeing only Osha's point of view of the massacre kept me interested in the mystery of how it all went down (it for sure wasn't Mae all by herself), fortunately, we got a bit of Kelnacca, I was expecting a couple more episodes in the present before a flashback, but I'm pleasantly surprised, though still not 100% invested.
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    Brando reacted to The Great Gonzales in The Empire Strikes Back   
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    Brando reacted to Tom in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    For some reason, these concert cancelations call this to my mind:
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    Brando reacted to mrbellamy in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    Yeah this has to be a pretty big deal. Just hoping recovery is as likely as it sounds 
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    Brando reacted to Andy in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    So hard to not jump to conclusions. We love him, we worry. 
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    Brando reacted to Damien F in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    King Charles was out of action for 3 months for his cancer treatment and is now back doing public events. I'm not saying JW has cancer and obviously JW is much older, but my point is that elderly people can take months off for health reasons and recover afterwards. 
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    Brando reacted to Chewy in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    While this new cancellation is certainly concerning, it might have been decided at the same time as the other concerts, but just announced now (they had to find a new conductor as a replacement, that can take some days I guess).
    If that's true, that means JW didn't get worse since last week, which is kinda reassuring.
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    Brando reacted to Concert Attendee in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    Oh no!  I just got an email that his Chicago appearance was cancelled and taken over by a guest conductor.  Sending the best to John Williams and his family. 
    Conductor Ken-David Masur to step in for John Williams
    Due to a recent health concern, from which he is expected to make a full recovery, John Williams is unable to conduct the concert with Anne-Sophie Mutter at Symphony Center on October 22, 2024. At Mr. Williams’ request, Maestro Ken-David Masur has graciously agreed to conduct the concert.
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    Brando reacted to Bellosh in The Empire Strikes Back   
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    Brando reacted to ThePenitentMan1 in The Empire Strikes Back   
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    Brando reacted to Bellosh in The Empire Strikes Back   
    Goddamn was Yoda fun to use in the Lego star wars video games tho
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    Brando reacted to Groovygoth666 in The Empire Strikes Back   
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    Brando reacted to Edmilson in The Empire Strikes Back   
    80s technology wasn't capable of producing such a memorable scene of Yoda jumping like a crazy monkey on acid while holding a lightsaber.

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    Brando reacted to Smeltington in The Empire Strikes Back   
    Williams is brilliant at musical intuition. I'm sure he was feeling trigger happy with Yoda's theme... he applied all the new major themes in ESB very liberally. But I think his intuition that the theme worked there, and in the arrangement he used, probably ran a little deeper than just "let's use the new theme!" I think he knew the theme would carry through in a storytelling sense, and he might have felt that it had narrative significance there, even if he didn't spend as much time consciously working through the logic of WHY it works like we're doing now. But it's fun to go back and try to articulate why it feels right. Because I think we can all agree, it DOES feel right!
    Another potential factor... we never saw Yoda in action in ESB, and Williams, with his one-movie-at-a-time approach, probably liked taking the chance to use the theme in action mode.
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    Brando reacted to Richard Penna in The Phantom Menace: Ultimate Edition is back on streaming services   
    That sort of crap happens so often with PR for soundtracks that it's best to try not to get offended when it happens to your favourite.
    Gladiator's anniversary set (the one that just combined the OST and MMF) had a sticker proudly announcing that it had 'all the music from the oscar-winning soundtrack'. It takes some signficant language gymnastics to not interpret that as two downright lies. (for those less initiated, it's far from the whole score and it didn't win an oscar)
    No one outside of our communities cares about this stuff, which is why everyone gets it wrong.
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    Brando reacted to Brock Lovett in The Phantom Menace: Ultimate Edition is back on streaming services   
    It's bothered me since the year 2000.
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