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  1. What @rough cut said Except in our tour she added that he really, really wants to do this and apparently that Musikverein management is already in talks to make his bucket list come true.
  2. Where did you get that info? The tour guide yesterday said that after some discussions they have decided to cancel the concerts because John wants to do it himself, it’s his bucket list.
  3. I have to say, seeing that place in person (he would’ve been 6 feet away from me...), and all the info from the tour guide that’s been working there for almost 20 years, I am now pretty confident that this will happen. She confirmed it’s his bucket list and he wants to conduct his own music at that venue, so when (no longer if for me lol) comes back, it’ll be at Musikverein. They said not this season, but maybe next one. What a place! Such energy, quite indescribable. Also, there were several messages left for Johnny at the entrance - if someone could get this to him, to show him that he indeed is missed so much here in Vienna as well.
  4. I would have been 2 meters away from him...The tour guide said that apparently the Musikverein management is already in talks about the new dates...Fingers crossed!!!
  5. I’m in Vienna today, will be taking the English tour of the Musikverein, if anyone else is coming; I’ll be the one wearing all black and glasses :)
  6. If you have been refunded already or your refund is on its way, then the ticket has already been destroyed. I asked them if I can have it, and they said I can pick it up, and they'll refund me in cash at the box office, so I'll do that. I'm arriving on Saturday morning, have a day packed full and flying out Sunday morning, but perhaps we can meet for lunch or something And yeah, if anyone has an mp3 of the stream in good quality, please let me know.
  7. While I'm asking for favors lol, can anyone shoot me a PM with a link to a high quality version of the stream? Much obliged.
  8. Same here, flying to Vienna for a day on Saturday morning...I'll go see the Musikverein on Saturday, will also pick up my ticket of the concert-that-was-not-meant-to-be Will post a pic here.
  9. Amazing!! That sound...That's why RAH is my fav venue in the world. Still looking to buy the programme 2nd hand if anyone managed to get an extra one
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