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  1. I just got back from seeing RoS for the first time. I liked the movie, though, was a tad upset at all the retconning JJ Abrams did. Enough about the movie though....that score was cinematic perfection. I am not one to get emotional easily, but JW really pulled out all the stops. When Poe seemed defeated, and he heard Lando reply: "All of us" and that music swelled?! I was damn near in tears. I LOVED the score, I Love John Williams...and you all DID see the cameo he had in the movie...right??
  2. I can't wait to get home and figure out how to listen to this. From what I'm reading on here, it sounds like JW hit a grand slam out of the park
  3. I am a HUGE fan of this piece by Williams. It is in fact this piece that put Williams on the radar for me, and not his film music. The composer did a REALLY good job on this, and I like it.
  4. Thank you, again. I just made a cross country move. So I've been away from a lot of the internet. Nothing could keep me away from John Williams last hurrah in Star Wars though!
  5. I haven't read through all the replies. Does anyone have hear the "slowed down" brassy main theme starting at 1:26? I'm REALLY hoping that will be in the final film.
  6. Happiest of Birthdays, John! May we see many more to come!
  7. 5) Hymn for the Fallen -- This is just so haunting and beautiful. A true Hymn to those who have the ultimate sacrifice. 4) Raider's March -- Fun, fast paced 3) Summon the Heroes --The track that got me into JW music 2) Jurassic Park theme - Pure majesty 1) Duel of the Fates -- I personally think this is one of JWs finest works
  8. I read somewhere that: Tim always looked up to his next door neighbor when he was younger. But, he could never see over the fence and see his whole face. So, Wilson is just a visual gag on that.
  9. I was watching a video on YouTube about making decorative candles. (It's what one does at 4:30 AM). ANYWAY, The had the 1812 Overture playing as the artist worked on the candle. Now, The 1812 is one of the pieces that got me (then a young kid) into classical music. I mean... CANNONS. So I'm listening to it, just about ready to geek out to the finale, and it stops dead. So, here's what I listened to last, with a link to one of my favorite recordings of it. Conducted by the late, great, Erich Kunzel.
  10. Last year at the Hollywood Bowl concert, Spielberg came out for the second half as JW's guest. He went on to tell stories about working with JW. One of the things he talked about is what scenes were like without music. His example was the first five minutes of The Last Crusade. The music really does make a difference.
  11. I'm sure you've all seen this, but JUST in case you haven't: John Williams: Composer, Olympian, Maestro.
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