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  1. The trailer for the New Leonard Bernstien Biopic has dropped! https://variety.com/2023/film/news/bradley-cooper-maestro-trailer-leonard-bernstein-1235489118/ Moderators: I couldn't find a thread for this, but I am sure there is one. Apologies if there is already.
  2. One more Parody Title: John Williams: Everyone else was dead *DUCKS AND RUNS* (Please don't ban me) In all seriousness: Will this be available on Audiobook? I am an AVID audiobook listener, easily listening to 30-50 books a year due to a VERY long commute to work. If it IS made into an audiobook, would it be able to include snippets of the songs themself? I recently listened to Jon Meacham's and Tim McGraw's book: Songs of America. While it was a fascinating listen, I was a little saddened there were no actual examples of the songs they were talking about. I know this might not be an option...but I wanted to at least ask. Thank you, @Maestro for all your work on this book! My wife and I are both HUGE Williams' fans, and we will both be anticipating this book with outstretched fists containing money for you to take!
  3. Thank you. Glad I am not the only one to picked up on that! Sorry for being able to read the entire thread before posting.
  4. I haven't read the entire thread, and can't at the moment (Posting quickly at work), so please forgive me if this was already asked. Did anyone else hear shades of "The Duel" from Adventures of Tintin at a couple of places in the movie?
  5. Completely honest post: Do I expect Williams to win? No. Do I want him to win one more Oscar? Darn Tootin, I do!
  6. PLEASE let him make this. See it the whole way through. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Epic Rap Battle of history, but if you are then we can ALL agree with "Hitchcock" when he says "Half of your Billions should go to John Williams!"
  7. I came into work today, and my coworker/supervisor asked me if I watched the game. I replied, "The only part of it I was interested in was the 4:00 debuting a new John Williams piece." Yes, I was in every band you can think of in high school. How can you tell?
  8. If this has been posted before, I do apologize. I found this on YouTube, and thought you all might want to see it!
  9. It's a little funny for me. Everyone my age had seen Star Wars, Jurassic Park, or Raiders of the Lost Ark by the time they were 10. (I was born in 1982) Even when I saw Jurassic Park the first time, I didn't even really care about the music (Hey...I was 11). When the 1996 Olympics came, and Williams scored the theme. THAT is how I got into him. Been a HUGE fan ever since
  10. I wrote THAT to the loaded into the teleprompter?!?
  11. I am not sure if I should start a new topic here, or put this under Upcoming Movie, but here goes: Bradley Cooper is staring in and directing a film about Leonard Bernstein. Steven Spielberg is a producer. This film, *I* feel at least NEEDS to have Williams do some composing for it. Considering how close the two were, who do you think could play Williams? Here is a synopsis according to IMDB: The complex love of Leonard and Felicia, from the time they met in 1946 at a party and continuing through two engagements, a 25 year marriage, and three children.
  12. I just got back from seeing RoS for the first time. I liked the movie, though, was a tad upset at all the retconning JJ Abrams did. Enough about the movie though....that score was cinematic perfection. I am not one to get emotional easily, but JW really pulled out all the stops. When Poe seemed defeated, and he heard Lando reply: "All of us" and that music swelled?! I was damn near in tears. I LOVED the score, I Love John Williams...and you all DID see the cameo he had in the movie...right??
  13. I can't wait to get home and figure out how to listen to this. From what I'm reading on here, it sounds like JW hit a grand slam out of the park
  14. I am a HUGE fan of this piece by Williams. It is in fact this piece that put Williams on the radar for me, and not his film music. The composer did a REALLY good job on this, and I like it.
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