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  1. A 'Variety' article from Jon Burlingame talks about the 'Black Panther' L2P concert this weekend at the Hollywood Bowl.


    'Black Panther' Score to Be Performed at Hollywood Bowl - Varietyhttps://variety.com/2021/artisans/news/black-panther-score-hollywood-bowl-1235057552/


    Here are the highlights:


    Baaba Maal — whose voice is heard at critical moments in the score, notably the introduction to Wakanda — has flown in from Senegal. Massamba Diop, the tama (talking drum) master, will perform; and Magatte Saw will lead a group of six sabar drummers in the score. All played on the original recording and, says Göransson, “seeing the energy between them and the orchestra is going to be magical.”


    There is approximately two hours of music in the 134-minute film, so the musicians on stage will be playing most of the time. Choral elements of the score, and the music-production portions, will be played from the original tracks, while the orchestra and soloists will be performing live under the baton of Thomas Wilkins, principal conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

    I hear that the Hollywood Bowl does their rehearsals of their concerts for the public for free.  I wonder if one could get in on the rehearsals for that concert.

  2. 4 hours ago, Holko said:

    That Daily Planet insert... A Score Takes Flight. So it has some version of Mike's notes. Must be the new master on LLL D3 then.

    Not necessarily.  Mondo could use the 1978 WB Records album master and keep the production cost low.  If they use the LLL master, they would have to pay an extra licensing fee to LLL for the use.

  3. 5 hours ago, crumbs said:

    A bit surprised LLL didn't look at doing this first. 


    4 hours ago, Jurassic Shark said:

    I'm sure they looked at it.


    ...and got smart by passing on this.


    MV said this:


    Vinyl is waaaaaaaaaaaay more expensive to produce than a CD. A total waste of money imo. So little profit to be made



  4. Thanks for reporting that, @Omen II.


    Wondering if any orchestra in the world can still put 'Superman' on after January, or do they have to wait until after June when the RAH is finished with it?


    Here in the USA and Canada, there are still a few orchestras that haven't posted their new year's schedule of concerts so I'm wondering if these orchestras will put 'Superman' on during the later Winter/early Spring '22?

  5. On 3/19/2013 at 5:12 AM, filmmusic said:

    The isolated score track features the recording sessions!!

    I mean before every cue starts, you have some seconds with someone announcing the reel number etc. and you can hear John Williams in the background, either counting the meter, giving instructions, or at a couple of instances i checked, he kind of sang the beginnig of the cue!

    That quote references the TT Blu Ray.

    Does the Arrow UK Blu Ray retain the isolated music track where you hear the slate announcements, and JW's comments before each music cue?

  6. 55 minutes ago, Tallguy said:


    Wasn't the 1977 version screened at some ceremony for Marcia Lucas not too long ago? An exceptional case, I know.

    I think you mean the June 2019 screening of a 1981 UK 70mm print presented by AMPAS. 

    Star Wars and Rogue One | Oscars.org | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

    After the screening, there was a seminar that featured the crew of Star Wars--including Marcia Lucas, John Dykstra, Richard Edlund, et. al.  According to Dykstra at that seminar, the Academy took significant effort to get Lucas to sign-off on the showing.


    Yes, very exceptional.

  7. Although there are threads on this forum devoted to individual recordings of this piece and one thread devoted to a specific live performance of this piece…


    …I thought I would start a thread devoted to current and future bookings of this piece.

    Here’s one to start you off:


    Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra

    Andrew Constantine, conductor

    Chance Trottman-Huiet, tuba

    February 19, 2022, 7:30pm


  8. We already know that Lucasfilm is working hard in preventing anyone from even screening 35mm prints of the Star Wars theatrical cuts.


    A non-for-profit organization in Stockton, CA, The Friends of the Fox Theater, was to screen the original ‘Star Wars’ 1977 cut in July 2019, but when word got around about it, Lucasfilm gave that organization a C&D notice.



    So, they ended-up screening the 2011 cut.

  9. 46 minutes ago, Nick1Ø66 said:


    Damn, that's right. "Viewer off" is one of the best lines in the movie, along with the aforementioned "oh my God" and "will you PLEASE sit down!?" along with "there's a THING out there" and the all-time classic, "Dammit Bones, I NEED you!"

    The opening credits of the DE using the album version of 'Main Title' -where two strikes of the timpani begins the cue instead of two strikes on the snare drum from the theatrical cut--was a foreshadow of those worst things mentioned.

    Read discussion of the Main Title alternate takes

  10. 'The Matrix - Live'

    The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra is doing this again.

    July 1st and 2nd, 2022 at Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, CA.



    They did this in July 2013.  

    Here's a boat load of YouTube videos of that performance:



    Now I won't have to go to the UK to catch this, if the RAH decides to rebook it.


    Yet again, a lot can happen in one year.  The 'Against-Gun-Violence' protesters can force the San Fran Symphony to remove the program from the schedule.


  11. 1 hour ago, WampaRat said:

    I’d be very keen to see this. I wonder how’d they handle the electronic elements? The loops and chanting and 808 beats etc. I suppose they’d have a track with those elements pre-recorded and the orchestra just fills in the gaps…

    There's no name of a choir group with either the Atlanta Symphony or Minnesota orchestras, so I guess there isn't going to be a live choir. along with the orchestra  If a 'choir' sound is used with this concert, it would be pre-recorded.


    Less than two weeks have passed since the City Light Symphony Orchestra, together with conductor Kevin Griffiths, completed the recording of the second album and already today the 90 musicians are launching the third CD project, this time conducted by Anthony Gabriele: «Spotlight on John Barry». Here are a few impressions of the first tutti rehearsal in the rehearsal room of the KKL Luzern – starting Monday, it's back to the acoustically brilliant and beautiful concert hall for a whole week!
    With «Spotlight on John Barry» we follow up on our successful debut album «Spotlight on John Williams» with great delight and by honorable request. The focus is on the outstanding film music work of the British composer and 5-time Academy Award winner John Barry. From «James Bond» to «Dances with Wolves» and «The Lion in Winter» to «Zulu» and «Midnight Cowboy» – a lot of work lies ahead of us. Our colleagues from Bauer Studios, the record label Prospero Classical and the creative agency K-wer-K will join us too. Let's go!




    Here's a few recording session videos



    Body Heat


    Dances With Wolves



    Sadly no 'The Black Hole'


    "The Black Hole" will not be featured though. Just sooo much beautiful music to cover from Maestro Barry!



    Incidentally, the orchestra was to premiere the 'Dances With Wolves' L2P concert, but had to cancel because of COVID.

    Dances With Wolves - Live-to-Projection Concert - General Discussion - JOHN WILLIAMS Fan Network (jwfan.com)



  13. It’s too bad that Phillippe Sarde's score for ‘Quest for Fire’, aka ‘Le Guerre de Feu’ is not among the scores listed in these polls.


    Although the release date for that film was 1981, the film would reach American movie houses in February 1982 and worldwide, later.  The soundtrack album release in the USA was by RCA Records.  I would image more listeners here would have gotten the impact of this score in '82.


    I didn't get around to listening to this score until 1991.

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